14 Years after Mr Brightside: “Wonderful Wonderful” by The Killers

14 Years after Mr Brightside: “Wonderful Wonderful” by The Killers

It has been five years since The Killers’ last album, “Battle Born”. The wait was long, but oh boy was it worth it. “Wonderful Wonderful” takes the listener on an ambient and tantalising journey through a lovely variety of complex tracks – much like a good box of chocolates!

“The Man” is arguably the best song of the album. It is an uplifting song with a brash, funky tone. Brandon Flowers has even said himself that this is the funkiest The Killers have ever sounded, which shows their exploration and experimentation. The contribution comes from the album’s producer, Jacknife Lee (I know, what a name!), who brought new influences on the band’s sound. In terms of the funk sound, he originally sampled an old Kool and the Gang track, but then decided to get The Killers to recreate it themselves. This makes it a brilliant dance number. Frontman Brandon Flowers and the band’s brilliant drummer, Ronnie Vannucci, Jr.  have spoken about the topic of masculinity in the song, and how it is a look back on his view of masculinity from the noughties, of what it meant to be a man in his 20s at that time. On another reflection, it is a song about how that view has changed in more recent years – the tongue-and-cheek attitude of the song also displays how being a man in contemporary society doesn’t really reflect these ideas. Hence, “The Man” is a reflection of the changing times and a look back to previous music styles and attitudes. Hence, it is truly a throwback! The music video (above) is also very cool – and not just because of the eye candy that is Brandon Flowers…


Let’s just have another at Brandon Flowers (because why not?). Actually, his facial expression beautifully encompasses the more delicate sentiments of the album.

Whereas “The Man” is a look to the past, “Life to Come” could be a lyrical look to the future. It is truly a song about supporting and loving one another. It is so uplifting, and makes one’s heart feel warm. You don’t usually think of The Killers when you think of love songs, but this might just change with this album. In my opinion, it is the best romantic and mellow track of the album – my second favourite after “The Man”. Musically, it builds up the chorus from a very quiet beginning, and helps create the atmospheric, spirited mood that The Killers are so brilliant at. On the other hand, “Rut” is a tender tune of struggle. It is a plea to the object of the lyrics, in which the subject is climbing a wall to them that never stops stacking. Another sentiment heard is one previously heard in Wonderful Wonderful: solitude and one in a world where one is not understood. It is heartfelt and compassionate, yet vocally, still retains all the great moods created by Brandon Flowers’ emotional voice.

The mood of breaking free and running away continues in “Run for Cover”, a song which is characterised by its fast-paced music and electric vocals – the echoing effects on Brandon’s voice here really enhance the sentiments of the music. It is one of the most upbeat tracks of the album, a definite floor filler. The song is full of sass (especially in the verses!). The mood of “Run for Cover” lead in well to the next song on the album, “Tyson Vs Douglas” – which is characterised by the sound of the synthesiser, especially at the beginning and during the verses. This is another exploration by The Killers, and is another testament to the musical journey the album takes you on.

While continuing the eerie vibe heard elsewhere in the album, “Out of My Mind” is a song of utter fixation and intoxication. It is both tantalising and tempting – a tune perfect for an alluring evening. Also, the pop culture references in this song are very cool! With this song, I would suggest waiting until sunset and let the electric guitar and keyboard rhythms stimulate the senses. I’ll be honest, I cannot get this song out of my mind.

So, in conclusion, I think that “Wonderful Wonderful” is not just an exploration of different emotions of love, solitude and struggle, but also a journey through different paths of music. It is a clear and beautiful display of the new influences they have incorporated into their brilliant musical skill which has only got stronger with time and has made me admire them all the more. They are touring the world over the next year, including concerts in the United States, the United Kingdom (November) and Australia (May) – so if you adore them as much as I do, you know what to do! 😉  

From Sophia, with Love x


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