13/10/2017: The music of my week

13/10/2017: The music of my week

Welcome to the first of many “The music of my week” posts – a quick glimpse at the music I either come across, suddenly remember again or listen to on repeat. This week has been characterised by my explorations, whether it be a revisit to the classic, the new or the utterly fascinating. Here, I present to you 5 songs which I am particularly raving about:

“Caught by the Wind” by Stereophonics

Released a month ago, “Caught by the Wind” is a new track by Stereophonics and it might actually be one of my favourites. This song really lifts my spirits during walks around campus – especially in the sunshine! It has a hopeful, free and vivacious spirit further aided by the beautiful “whiskey” voice of Kelly Jones. The song’s gorgeous lyrics such as “yeah, caught by the wind / Believing you can fly / Celebrate everything” and “Sunbathing on the roof / watching aeroplanes / Believing you can live / yeah forever in a day” really beautify its sound. This is the second track to come from their upcoming studio album, Scream Above The Sounds, their 10th studio album. I cannot wait to hear the rest of it!

“Comfortably Numb” by Pink Floyd

I warmly remembered this song again after an evening chillax with a couple of my flatmates. The beautiful thing about living with a conglomerate of people is that each person has their own musical preferences which not only introduces new tracks and artists to you, but also reminds you of songs you used to listen to and adore – the legendary “Comfortably Numb” is definitely one of the latter. Released in 1979, the iconic guitar solos of David Gilmour and Waters’ comforting lyrics makes this song a blissful delight for the ears. Also, David Gilmour’s voice is bloody beautiful. Check out Pink Floyd’s performance of the song at Hyde Park in 2005:

“Since I Left You” by The Avalanches

As I am spending the year in Australia, I feel I should improve my Australian music knowledge. Though I’ll be honest, I got more than I bargained for with this song. Apart from being a great track, “Since I Left You” uses samples from a large number of obscure tracks, including Rose Royce (from the Car Wash soundtrack), The Duprees, Tony Mottola and in the case of the chorus lyrics, The Main Attraction’s “Everyday”. Which means, that despite being released in 2000, it has a very 60s/70s sound (which is very cool!). Essentially, the samples are layered so well that it gives the impression that it is not so complicated. Check out the song’s music video, as it is equally bizarre yet awesome (for example, it includes some very confused miners and random women working out in 80’s gear):

Stop press: I have just been reminded that this track gracefully aired over the hifi system at home when it was released! Musical memory is a strange thing!

“Give More Love” by Ringo Starr

Yeah, you got that right! Ringo Starr has a brand new solo album, “Give More Love” and it’s great. Especially the eponymous song – it has a lovely sound and message. With Ringo being the ex-drummer of The Beatles, of course the lovely drum sound really shines through in this song, as it is steady and present just enough to maintain the ambience of general loveliness and flow in the song to match the lyrics. It really is lovely. There is nothing I love more than a uplifting song about love, happiness or general bliss in life. <3

“Holy Mountain” by Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

Yep, you got that right. This song is now stuck in my head… Do check the previous post about this song in detail if you want to know more about it and why it is so good! But in short, it is very throwback with floor-filler potential. Also, it is about one being hypnotised by a particularly lovely woman as both agents dance. So it really gets your feet moving! To prove its catchiness, my sister (aged 10) loves this song now.

Hope you enjoyed the first in the series! Do be sure to check in around the same time next week to see if I stop being such a creature of habit and find more awesome tracks to listen to. 🙂

From Sophia with Love x





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