Wilson’s Promontory National Park is one of Victoria’s most beautiful gems. Despite being a three-hour drive from Monash University’s Clayton campus, it was worth every minute! Looking upon its gorgeous landscapes is like marvelling at a masterpiece, especially in the sunshine! In this instance, Move, the exchange club at Monash, provides opportunities for exchange students like myself to see such stunning places. Below, I shall present what I got up to during my day in this lovely location. 🙂

Spend the early afternoon walking along the cutely-named ‘Squeaky Beach’ (which actually squeaks!)

After driving down the long and winding roads of Wilsons Prom we reached Squeaky Beach, famous for the squeaks the sand makes as you walk along it. But that’s not only what people love about it – it is gorgeous!

Okay, the squeaking only worked after a long while of prancing like a horse across the beach – but oh boy is it bizarre when you finally hear it! I felt like a little kid again, trying (as strange as this may sound) to get the beach to squeak. The white sand not only squeaks, but is also warm and an absolute delight to walk on barefoot. Stones are rare, and this therefore makes the walk very enjoyable and comfortable. Even in Spring, don’t be afraid to get your feet in the cold water as well! Beaches are not the UK’s forte so I usually get a little carried away when I find a lovely one.

The rocks on Squeaky Beach are also loads of fun (trust me on this one!). The kid within me emerged and it was not long before I found myself on top of a high rock in the distance, pretending to be an explorer overseeing the beautiful world they’ve discovered. It is also a wonderful spot for sitting and getting that much needed peace of mind. It is not only a great place to think, but to also come to the realisation of such simple and beautiful places existing in our world. Might sound a bit over the top, I know, but that’s what happens when you escape the chaos of life and relax in such a pretty place. After spending all of my life growing up in London, I came to find solace in such places and need them to stay sane.

The weather was also perfect. There was just enough sunshine to be warm, but also enough of a breeze to keep the air fresh. Let the wind catch your hair and get the beautiful sand in your feet. Or even just admire how pretty it is!

Mt. Oberon and the stunning views from its summit

After you relax at the beach, I would recommend taking the ascent of 3.4km towards the summit of Mt. Oberon. Despite not having hiked in two years, it was worth the panting and breaks. Anyway, the views were lovely on the way up, so you always have something nice to look at each time you stop to gather your breath. The hike approximately takes an hour, and takes around the same time on the way down. It is a gentle ascent, and the majority of it is like an uphill, dry running track. I would say it is doable and an easy hike, relatively speaking. Plus, once you do see the view, it all seems so worth it!

Feels like I’m on top of the world!

A few of my friends were brave enough to stand right near the cliff edge, but I am not so brave (though I did get close enough according to my standards haha!).

Like me, you may get quite peckish after a long walk. There are spaces just a short walk from the bottom of the summit, which are perfect for a brilliant barbeque. It is the best place to be after a long day exploring the site, and if you stay for sunset, then that will be a sight to behold also! As I was unable to stay for longer, sunset at Wilson’s Prom has been recently added to my bucket list and hope to tick it off soon. 🙂 Only if it wasn’t so far away!

From Sophia with Love x




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