20/10/2017: The music of my week

20/10/2017: The music of my week

This week is mostly a throwback. Hope you enjoy the music!

“Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” by Elton John

“Although I search myself, it’s always someone else I see”

Okay this shouldn’t be a surprise. I love Elton John. However, I did forget about this song, and just how beautiful it is! This lovely song was released in 1974, a year after the release of the melodious “Goodbye Little Brick Road” album. The lyrics to this song are emotional and profound as well. The beautiful piano melodies (of course, Elton’s signature) and the monumental brass additions give the song an epic sound. Below is the famous live performance of the song: the magnificent duet between Elton and the late George Michael *cries*, live at the Wembley Arena back in 1991. <3

“Other Side of the World” by KT Tunstall

“You’re close enough to see that / You’re on the other side of the world to me.”

I know what you’re thinking. Have I only included this because I am actually on the other side of the world? HA! Well, not just that. Yes, I do tend to listen to this song when I am feeling particularly cut off and distant from the world (a lot of the time it’s not in a particularly bad way) – it isn’t a happy song, but it just sounds really nice and does play on the heart strings! Famous for “Suddenly I See” (which I think is a great song for when you’re in a particularly good mood *Devil Wears Prada intro*), KT Tunstall and her mellow voice here gives this song quite a different feel. I think it is a forgotten track that encompasses the mellow indie rock that was so good in the noughties! The video is rather inventive too.

“When You Were Young” by The Killers

“He doesn’t look a thing like Jesus / But he talks like a gentleman / Like you imagined / When you were young!”

You can tell I love The Killers, right? Yep. “When You Were Young” is a fantastic floor filler. Although, with iconic tracks such as “Mr Brightside” The Killers are used to their music being described in such a way. It’s fast paced and really has that anthem feel. Yet again, Brandon Flowers’ brilliant voice shines through! Also, the music video is rather bizarre, resembling a movie that is both retro and melodramatic. It is an emotional Rollercoaster. Check it out below:

“Bulletproof” by La Roux

“This time, baby I’ll be bulletproof!”

La Roux really give the iconic 80’s synth-pop sound a real modern reboot. Honestly speaking, I am someone who thinks that electronic music lost its spark after the 90s, but after discovering this 2006 song, I may be inclined to no longer think that. I found it a lovely surprise that a modern band of the noughties would regard themselves as a synth-pop band, much like The Eurythmics and OMD. I feel that apart from the 80’s synth-pop bands still making music, it is rare to find bands which give that early electronic sound a modern transformation, and excel while doing it too. La Roux really achieve this through their electronic arrangements and aesthetics. Eleanor Jackson really channels her inner Annie Lennox! Plus, it is really an awesome and uplifting song. Feeling a bit beaten down and need to rise again with more oomph than before? This song shall help! 😉

“Spent the Day in Bed” by Morrissey

“I spent the day in bed / As the workers stay enslaved”

“I’m not my type but I love my bed” – don’t we all? Yes, I have left the most bizarre song until last. But of course, as it is here, I do really like it! It is also a new song from The Smiths’ ex-frontman’s upcoming album “Low in High School”. I feel that Morrissey is more of an enigma. The music video really proves this too! It portrays Morrissey being wheeled around in a wheelchair by Joey Barton, and then spends the rest of the music video hanging over his chair looking slightly deranged and uncomfortable. Still, I love it! Apart from the iconic guitar-driven music and philosophical lyrics of The Smiths, it was their very bizarre and unique nature which I loved about them. Here, you still get the philosophical and ideological lyrics and Morrissey’s controversial profile as well.

“Stop watching the news / Because the news contrives to frighten you. To make you feel small and alone / To make you feel like your mind isn’t your own.”

However, the sound is very different and quite a departure from the norm, even for Morrissey. Its electronic additions (i.e. the sounds which sound like a retro game) give it a very different feel, and it works!

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