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15/12/17: The music of my week

Hey everyone! This is the 10th weekly music round-up! Doesn’t time fly?

“Hold On To My Love” by Jimmy Ruffin

“To think that I’m gonna be lonely again / And if ever you go then I know at a glance / I don’t stand a chance.”

This dance number is both blissful and energetic – a fun blend of soul and disco. A cool fact about this song? The Bee Gees’ Robin Gibb co-wrote it. Check out a 1980 performance of the song on Top of the Pops below:

“Waterloo Sunset” by The Kinks

“Millions of people swarming like flies ’round Waterloo underground / But Terry and Julie cross over the river / Where they feel safe and sound / And they don’t need no friends / As log as they gaze on Waterloo sunset / They are in paradise.”

This 1967 track is considered amongst the band’s most famous and commercially successful songs. It is also the first of their singles to be available in stereo audio. This blissful song tells the story of an individual who is people watching while gazing out to the river Thames and Waterloo Station. The narrator’s attention is prominently grasped by one couple as they wander around the streets of London. Ray Davies also wrote a number of short stories (collectively called Waterloo Sunset) about an aged rock star and a cynical promoter planning his comeback.  This song has a swinging 60’s vibe, yet is mellow enough to be really dreamy.

“True Faith” by New Order

“I used to think that the day would never come / I’d see delight in the shade of the morning sun.”

This brilliant synth pop number by New Order has the band’s brilliant touches written all over it. That perfect mix of 80’s electronic sounds and late 80’s dance rhythms (which led nicely to the dance music of the early 90’s) makes for a fun listen, and makes it super catchy. Every time I do think of New Order though, I remember World in Motion, which still stands as one of the best football songs (with Three Lions, of course) created for England’s World Cup endeavours. Safe to say, songs miles better than their actual endeavours at the World Cup…

I now present to you the most bizarre music video I have ever posted on my blog. You even have strange characters in a lot of felt slapping each other. Oh the 80’s…

“Before the Worst” by The Script

“Before the worst, before we mend / Before our hearts decide it’s time to love again / Before too late, before too long / Let’s try to take it back before it all went wrong.”

Now let’s throwback to The Script’s wonderful debut album. “Before the Worst” is a gem by the pop rock band, an ode to going back to the good stuff. It is nostalgic, but also really bittersweet.

“Through the Fire” by Chaka Khan

“Through the fire / To the limit, to the wall / For a chance to be with you / I’d gladly risk it all.”

This blissful love song by the diva Chaka Khan has everything you’d want in a Chaka Khan song: powerful vocals and catchy soul & funk rhythms to please the foot-tappers. A cool fact about this song? It forms the skeleton of another famous track: Kanye West’s “Through the Wire”, which is actually his debut single as a rapper. He even recorded it with his jaw wired shut after a car accident in October 2002. Check to see if you can hear the influences! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this week’s selection! For last week’s post, click here.

Until next week,

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