Okay guys, it’s finally happened. After months of planning, stress and anticipation, it’s finally happened! We have made it to Malaysia, the first stop of our mammoth tour around South East Asia that will take in all the sights, sounds and taste’s of Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bali and Japan.

I will attempt to keep you updated with regular posts and hope to share some of the memorable places that we will be visiting along the way.

Without further ado…

Johor Bahru is a lovely city located at the border of Malaysia and Singapore. It is full of cultural fusions and especially, awesome food!

On my first evening in Malaysia, we stopped by a roadside, 24-hour restaurant called HKB Curry house. I would personally recommend getting the roti canai, a flatbread that you can order with a vast selection of curries. They are absolutely delightful! The dhal and the fish curries were especially great! One great thing about being in Malaysia is that you can get 24 hour restaurants! The settings are very simple and can prepare one for an authentic experience. Also, tourists are rarely seen in pockets such as these, so what you experience is what life in Malaysia is really like! 🙂

Laksa House

The laksa you can get here is famous amongst the locals. So much so that the place is always full and usually involves waiting for 10 minutes to get a table. It is seriously worth it though, and once you taste it, you can see why it’s famous! It is spicy, filling and ticks all the boxes for an authentic, delicious and affordable meal out.

Sangkaya (nuts about coconuts)

If, like Sangkaya’s motto, you are nuts about coconuts then this could be the place for you. Their coconut ice cream is lovely and light, and if you upgrade to their “signature”, you can even get 4 scoops of it in a coconut shell with coconut shavings and numerous toppings!

That was my food guide to Johor Bahru, and it was certainly a mouth-watering one! Stay tuned for more travel blogs as I meander around Asia. The next stops are Melaka (Malaysia) and Singapore, and I cannot wait to find more food and beautiful sights!

A very special thanks to the Arasu family for hosting me and my friends so warmly and showing me all these great hotspots!

Until next time,

From Sophia, with love x


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