I thought an evening post was more apt for Singapore. It is called the City of Lights for a reason, and a a very beautiful one at that!

The wonderful Marina Bay Sands Hotel – Resort

Marina Bay Sands is Singapore’s most famous 5-star hotel/resort. It is classy and luxurious beyond belief, and it’s shopping area is even open to non-guests. I think it was brilliant that a part of the hotel’s common area was open to tourists – it had the designer shopping centre look and a good court selling some great meals! You can take boat rides on the ground floor or have dinner by the water features of the hotel. The exterior looks the most beautiful at night.

Marina Bay Sands Resort – Interior
Marina Bay Sands Resort – Interior

Gardens by the Bay

Supertree Grove

This was by far the most impressive place I visited in Singapore. The lit up trees and colourful gardens make you think you’re living in a fairytale! For only $28 SGD / just over £15, you can visit the indoor gardens (which are spectacular!) and the lit-up trees at Supertree Grove. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed! Here are some snaps of the place at night.

Supertree Grove – An amazing sight to behold!

All lit up: The skyline at night

Here are some pictures that don’t do enough justice to the beauty of the Singaporean skyline.

That’s a fraction of Singapore’s beauty for you! The next post will be about my explorations in Thailand.

Until then,

From Sophia with Love x

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