I present to you the highlights of my 3-4 days in Patong, the beach resort town of Phuket. It is great if you want to go to the beach, go to bars and restaurants and have a very social time! It is also very good for taking tours to some beautiful islands. For everything else, I’d suggest you visit another part of Thailand.

Patong Beach

One thing about the weather in the Phuket: it says it is always overcast or raining but that is rarely the case. This means that any day in summer can be a beach day! Patong beach is frequently busy with tourists, but you can always find space to sunbathe. And if not, Phuket is host to many other beaches too! During my few days in Phuket, the weather hit 29 degrees and this sustained until the night.

Bangla Road

This busting and colourful street is the main attraction of Patong. It is host to dozens of bars, clubs and takeaways. It is beyond lively at night and certainly gives Patong its club town/Magaluf feel. Warning: you will have loads of people trying to advertise their bar or shows, and you can’t really escape them. I did develop the talent of walking quickly past them so you don’t get approached. Of course, it could also be helpful to see what each bar sells and if they have any cool happy hour deals.

Lupta Hostel

This was the hostel I stayed in for the 4 nights. Lupta Hostel is clean, modern and cozy. Their free breakfast is also great, and the staff are very helpful. It is situated just off Bangla Road, which means you’re very close to the mayhem but at least not right in it.

Booking.com: LUPTA HOSTEL

Yo Green
(Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurant)

It is certainly difficult to be a vegan in Asia full stop. Yo Green is not only a vegan & veggie restaurant, but also a great one at that. They sell delicious and affordable meals with the use of either veggies, nuts or mock meat that even non-vegetarians like me will enjoy. I had the Thai yellow curry with steamed rice and it was lovely!

ICC Indian Curry Club

At ICC, I had the nicest curry I’ve ordered in a long while. Just a short walk from Bangla Road, ICC is a sleek Indian restaurant selling all your favourite curries. I had the chicken madras, rice and butter naan (seen below). It was amazing! I even got the rest to takeaway and had the rest as a late dinner.

That’s Phuket’s Patong for you! Stay tuned for the next post, which will be on my time in Bangkok!

Until then,

From Sophia with Love x

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