Here is the second Vietnam post! Hanoi was my favourite stop in Vietnam, so here were the highlights.

The old quarter

The Old Quarter was my favourite part of Hanoi, both for its narrow streets, sometimes European architecture, cafes and food. A full day can be spent wandering around the area. Unfortunately, a lot of that time will be spent navigating around moving traffic and trying to cross the road!

places to eat in the old quarter

Kebab & Co

If you want some hearty kebabs after a long way of exploring, then Kebab & Co is perfect! Having been rated as one of the best cheap eats in Hanoi, the place is never empty. After trying one of their kebabs, you’ll understand why!

La Studio

Hidden away in the Old Quarter, La Studio is an adorable vegan café. They do not only have a stellar menu, but also have different dessert specials every day!

hoan kiem lake

Hoan Kiem Lake is one of the most beautiful scenic spots of Hanoi. The lake is even more of a popular sight at night, where lights beautify the site even further!

Temple of Literature

The Temple of Literature is a Confucian temple built in 1010. It plays host to the Imperial Academy, Vietnam’s first national university. This temple is so famous that you even find it on the back of the 100,000 Vietnamese dong banknote. It is a beautiful site, and is lovely to walk around in the sunshine!

 The imperial citadel of thang long

In 2010, the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long was a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The visited complex houses artefacts and roads dating from the 6th century all the way to the 20th. It is worth spending at least a few hours there, as there is loads of information not only about the site’s history, but the excavations that have taken place there.

Those were my Hanoi highlights! The next travel posts will be covering Japan!

From Sophia with Love x

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