Hey everyone, apologies for the lack of activity on the blog! I am back from Asia and ready to write again. You will not only get the rest of the travel blogs I’ve been meaning to write, but also see the return of the music posts! So, without further ado, here is the first of three Vietnam posts, about my day in Ho Chi Minh City! 🙂


During the Vietnam War, the Independence Palace was used to be the home and workplace of the South Vietnam’s president. The site was famously seen during the Fall of Saigon (April 30th, 1975) when the North Vietnamese Army’s tank crashed into its gates. You can visit numerous rooms on display, including the conference rooms which held some of the most important meetings during the war. You can even visit the bunker used by the president himself!


There is a part of Ho Chi Minh where you’ll find many French colonial style buildings. That place is Ho Chi Minh Square, located in the middle of District 1. The luxurious Saigon Opera House is only one of the beautiful buildings you will find here.

Next post: Hanoi!

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