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26/02/2018: The music of my week

After much delay, my music cap is back on! The weekly music posts and occasional music reviews are making their return on the blog. This week, it is all about the 80’s. I hope that this week’s list makes for a cracking return!

“Sledgehammer” by Peter Gabriel

To kick off this week’s monumental post, I thought it would be apt to start with this absolute corker by Peter Gabriel. “Sledgehammer” is not only the most played and awarded music video by MTV (with 9 VMAs!), but is also Gabriel’s biggest hit in the UK and the US. So what it is about this track which makes it so iconic? This funky, 80’s pop number draws on a lot of blues that Peter Gabriel listened to as a kid, including the many cheeky innuendos. Its video was a massive breakthrough in the music world, which used stop-motion Claymation techniques. The video is very bizarre and I am in no way exaggerating. How could I not mention the dancing chickens?! It really is the most bizarre music video I have ever come across,┬ábut that’s why it’s so famous!

“Angel Eyes” by Wet Wet Wet

In 1987, this lovely song by Wet Wet Wet reached #5 in the UK Charts. Wet Wet Wet really have some great love songs, don’t they?

“I Should Have Known Better” by Jim Diamond

This 80’s soft-rock ballad by Jim Diamond is just wonderful! Here is a Top of the Pops performance of the song.


“Age of Reason” by John Farnham

“Age of Reason” is a catchy song by Aussie pop-rocker John Farnham. This song was even used as the theme song for Australia’s Seven News in 2000. Also, the guy had one fierce mullet!

“Old Town” by Phil Lynott

Released in 1982, this hit by the late Thin Lizzy frontman is brilliant. With the video showing footage of Dublin’s city centre, the song is about the breakup of two lovers. On its launch on 20th July 1989, “Old Town” was the first track played on Dublin’s Capital Radio 104.4, three years after Lynott’s passing.

I missed writing these posts, and I cannot wait to share more music with you all.

From Sophia with Love x






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