Asakusa, Tokyo

This Japan travel post will be on my two days in Tokyo. Japan was the last major stop of my trip, and it was my absolute favourite. Japan is amazing, and 9 days in the country were no where near enough. My visit was during winter, and unfortunately, before the bloom of the cherry blossoms (*cries*). Oh well. That certainly did not detract from how hard I fell for this wonderful country!

Asakusa: Senso-ji Temple

During our stay in Tokyo, our base was in Asakusa. This adorable district is home to not only one of the cutest markets I have ever been to, but also to Tokyo’s oldest temple. Senso-ji Temple is visited by countless locals and tourists every day and makes its surrounding streets a buzzing place to spend the morning or afternoon.

Sensoji Temple

Tokyo Imperial Palace & Gardens

Imperial palace

Though one can only enter parts of the Imperial Place as part of a guided tour, Tokyo’s Imperial Palace is definitely worth a visit for its glorious exterior, mount and imperial gardens.

Imperial Gardens



Harajuku is renowned as Tokyo’s hub for youth culture and fashion. You can spend an entire evening wandering out the district (which is always full of life!) and you really never know what you might come across! Also, the food here is awesome, where you can go from hip crepes to budget beef bowls.



Meiji Shrine

Meiji ShrineIf you happen to be in the Harajuku district during the day, then check out the Meiji Shrine, one of Tokyo’s major shrines. Situated in Yoyogi Park, the temple is preceded by winding, serene paths which are lovely to walk through!



Akihabara is the so-called “geek district” of Tokyo. When you do pass the array of electronic, manga and gaming stores, you can see that it has truly earned that reputation. This district is not only home to a number of maid and manga cafes, but also to an 8-floor anime store, Mandarake!

To finish this post, a selection of pictures that really illustrate how cool and bizarrely beautiful Tokyo is!  From Sophia with Love x

Restaurants where the food is cooked at your table. This one was on a basement level in Shibuya.
Japanese toilet
The many tricks of a Japanese toilet. Ever felt embarrassed about people hearing you going to the loo? Then there is even a music button!
Dog dressed as chauffeur
Never have taxi drivers looked so cute. <3
Japanese advertising
Japanese advertising may seem more entertaining to the tourist than to the local.

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