04/05/2018: The music of my week

04/05/2018: The music of my week

This week’s music post includes Jamie T, soul, and a song about a war waged on Mars.

“Sticks ‘n’ Stones” by Jamie T

Released in 2009, “Sticks ‘n’ Stones” is packed with attitude and energy. It’s so catchy! The quick tempo and fun vocals by the indie rocker certainly packs a vibrant punch. “Sticks ‘n’ Stones” is a classic troublemaker track.

“There Goes My First Love” by The Drifters

“There Goes My First Love” is a beautiful soul track about seeing your ex with someone else and having a bit of a crisis over it. Despite this topic being frequently covered in music, here it is done in a catchy, sentimental and harmonious manner. The Drifters’ vocals all blend beautifully and definitely makes for a lovely listen! This is classic 70’s soul music, so you know what means: flared suits!

“Breakfast at Tiffany’s” by Deep Blue Something

Deep Blue Something sounds like the name of a band who you can’t quite remember the name of: “yeah, they are called something like ‘Deep Blue Something’, I can’t remember.” Regardless, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” is a cracking rock song! It can also be a lovely song for couples who bond over the movie, presented as a potential cure to fix the couple’s problems within the song. Sadly, it is more of a one-hit wonder these days, as the band has been unable to achieve similar success since their 1995 hit. Still, it is very catchy and the guitar riffs are brilliant!

“Lonely Boy” by Andrew Gold

 The late Andrew Gold was a wonderful artist. “Lonely Boy” is a spirited story of an only child who feels overshadowed by the arrival of child no. 2. Despite Gold denying this, certain aspects of  the song closely relate to events in his own life. The jolly “Lonely Boy” became Gold’s biggest hit in the US, with a 5-month stay in the charts. In the UK however, this milestone was achieved by the adorable “Never Let Her Slip Away.” 

“Clouds Across the Moon” by Rah Band

I promised you one about a war in space, so here it is. Released in 1985, “Clouds Across the Moon” is a cosmic synthpop track about a woman, her astronaut husband and a hundred-year war on Mars. The track is dreamy and intimate.  It also includes a stressful telephone call – after the woman tirelessly tries to reach her husband and finally does, the phone call ends in mid-conversation and the woman is told to try calling again in a year’s time. You what?! Ahh, the 80s’ idea of how a privatized British Telecom would operate in the future. Do watch the music video to check out the many possibilities of tin foil and some chrome-coloured paint.


That’s it for this week’s music guys! In exactly 7 days, Arctic Monkeys are releasing their (long overdue) sixth album, Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino. Soon after that, I will be reviewing it for the blog and I cannot wait. So stay tuned!

Until then,

From Sophia with Love x




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