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25/05/2018: The music of my week

This week includes a tantalizing music selection of tracks from The Last Shadow Puppets, The Strokes, Crowded House, Jigsaw, and Shed Seven. Enjoy!

“Last Nite” by The Strokes

The Strokes hold a sacred place on the contemporary rock stage. In 2013, their debut album Is This It was voted as the eighth-best debut album of all time by Rolling Stone. “Last Nite” possesses that iconic sound that soon defined garage rock in the noughties. With a song as catchy, angsty and youthful as this, you can see why it was so influential.

“Going for Gold” by Shed Seven

“Going for Gold” is a classic Britpop track probably about a guy who is confused about a girl he likes. The great mix of lively guitar and brass makes for a spirited number with a very nineties sound. Also, the music video pays homage to Goldfinger!

“Fall At Your Feet” by Crowded House

Ready for some Aussie rock? Despite being better known for “Don’t Dream it’s Over” in the UK, Crowded House have had a very successful and consistent international career since their formation in 1985. Their discography is an absolute treasure trove. I think it is pretty obvious, but I really like Crowded House! “Fall At Your Feet” is a lovely track that really pulls on the heartstrings with its running narrative of love and pain. Check out a live performance of the song below! Another lovely song from the band is “Better Be Home Soon.” 

“Sky High” by Jigsaw

Hailing from numerous parts of Warwickshire (UK), Jigsaw (or “British Jigsaw” in Australia) were a 60s-70s pop group that echoed The Beatles. This can also be heard in the vocals of “Sky High,” which are reminiscent of the vocal style of Paul McCartney. It really is a great and energetic track. Another cool fact about Jigsaw? Their lead singer, Dave Beech, was also the drummer! Can we still call him a frontman if he was at the back of the stage? (I’ll let myself out.)

“The Dream Synopsis” by The Last Shadow Puppets”

With the release of Arctic Monkeys’ cosmic Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino,  a look back at the groovy 60s and 70s-inspired music of Alex Turner and Miles Kane’s supergroup collaboration seems apt. They are a brilliant duo. Having only discovered The Last Shadow Puppets at the time of TBHC‘s release (I know, what rock have I been under?!), I was absolutely amazed at how unique this musical project is. It also made me understand the directions taken for Arctic Monkeys’ new release and how personal it was: a few traits from TLSP’s work are present in TBHC.

Anyway, I digress. “The Dream Synopsis” (from the second album, Everything You’ve Come to Expect) is a starry-eyed piece of beauty with its melodic piano and the blessing of Alex Turner’s marvellous voice (mmm.. how dreamy). I would recommend listening to the entirety of their discography, as they only have two albums and they are as distinct as they are wonderful. Check out “The Dream Synopsis” below.

From Sophia with Love x

P.S. An equally lovely song from the band,  albeit with a more entertaining music video, is “Miracle Aligner.” The video is really worth a watch – it includes a lot of interpretive dancing from the duo! If I were to provide an analogy, I would compare this to two uncles having a bit too much to drink and having the time of their lives.







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