Sydney Opera House

Hey everyone! At the end of May, I popped over to Sydney for a four days. It was a trip I have always wanted to do, and if I didn’t do it now, when would I go? Here is a brief synopsis of my trip, with some money saving tips at the end of the post! x

Day 1: Hyde Park and evening sights (Sydney Opera House & Harbour Bridge)

Once you get to the center of the city, there will be a lot to see: this can range from gardens and parks, to some great architecture (though needless to say). First of all, the lovely Hyde Park.

Hyde Park, Sydney.

You can even come across a fountain decorated with classical sculpture. Yeah you wouldn’t expect it, would you? Australia never fails to surprise me…

Hyde Park.

We then got to Sydney Harbour. We were fortunate to be in Sydney during Vivid, an event which involved the Sydney cityscape being further glamorized through the wonder of multicolored lights.


That’s not all, look what happened to Sydney Opera House!

Sydney Opera HouseSydney Opera House

Day 2: Coastal Walk from Bondi to Coogee Beach

Bondi Beach

Any fans of Bondi Rescue? Am I the only one?! The Bondi to Coogee Beach Coastal Walk takes around an hour and a half to complete, and crosses a tantalizing array of beaches and coastal lookouts.  If it were a hot summer’s day, then this would have obviously included some swimming and sunbathing. Bondi Beach is a landmark in itself, and this is where the scenic walk begins. Anyway, here is what I encountered along Sydney’s stunning coastline:


Day 3: Blue Mountains National Park

Blue Mountains National Park.

On the third day, we were in the mood for getting out of the city and doing some hiking. The Blue Mountains are as stunning as they are vast. *Spoiler alert* the mountains aren’t blue, sorry.

Blue Mountains

The many walking trails scattered around the national park enables one to cover a decent amount of it. You can come across some lovely waterfalls, deep forests, and vibrant wildlife during your day.

Blue Mountains

To end the day on a more sedentary note, we both sought out that cup of tea we so desperately needed. I know, you can take the Brit out of the UK but you can’t take the Brit out of the girl. We found an adorable cafe called Yellow Deli, in Katoomba, which had a lovely and homely aesthetic. It even has a fireplace feature!

Yellow Deli Yellow Deli.

Day 4: Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge and the Royal Botanical Gardens

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Harbour

Having seen the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge at night on day 1, we wanted to see it during the day. If you feel like splashing out some cash, then check out Portobello Cafe, which boasts of some of the best views of the harbour.

Harbour Bridge.

We then wandered around the Royal Botanical Gardens for a bit, which was also very pretty! However, it is winter and a fair amount of the plants, trees and flowers are dead. Still, it is a lovely place for a picnic and a bit of a wander while the winter sun is still shining!

Royal Botanical Gardens, Sydney.

How to save money during your trip

I thought it would be a good idea to provide some tips about how to have a cheap holiday in Sydney, if (like us) you wanted to explore Sydney without spending a fair bit of dosh.

  • Instead of taking the train from the airport to the centre of the city (i.e. Central Station), take a normal bus from the airport bus stop, head to Mascot Station (the next station en route to the city), and then take the train from there. You will save almost $10 that way!
  • Find a hostel that has self-catering facilities. That way, you can pop to the local supermarket and cook hearty meals that will be much cheaper than if you ate out. The self-catering facilities at Wake Up! are particularly good!
  • Pack lunch and snacks with you during each day, and still treat yourselves to the odd lunch or dinner whenever you wish without feeling guilty.
  • If it takes a 30 or 45 minute walk to get somewhere, avoid public transport costs and just walk there instead. That way, you will get to explore more of the inner city on your way to the intended sites. However, trains and buses are fairly cheap in Sydney, so you wouldn’t be that out of pocket if you decided to take a train or bus – there will be a lot of places where you will have to!
  • Make full use of any freebies or great discounts (i.e. socials and tourist walks) the hostel offers.

Just one more fact about Sydney…

Double-decker trains in Sydney.

DOUBLE DECKER TRAINS! Okay, that’s all… 🙂

From Sophia with Love x

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