Miles Kane at Electric Ballroom (Camden) in 2011. Credit: James Berry (Flickr).

Upcoming Album Alert: “Coup de Grace” by Miles Kane

Miles Kane in 2011, at Electric Ballroom in Camden. Credit: James Berry (Flickr).

On August 10th, Miles Kane will be back with his third solo album, Coup de Grace. It has been 5 years since his last solo effort, the upbeat Don’t Forget Who You Are, and 2 since the roaring success of The Last Shadow Puppets’ Everything You’ve Come to Expect. This upcoming album is already looking to be a sheer delight. This post will take you through what we has been released so far, and what we could expect from the rest of this exciting album.

The singles

So let’s go through this in chronological order. In April, Miles released “Loaded,” a menacing collaboration with Jamie T and Lana Del Rey. The guitar riffs are screaming, and Miles’ vocals are beaming with swagger. Here, we start to hear the melancholic themes of the album creep in. Yet, it is done with a swanky style that will give the album an outfit stitched with a thread that is both confident and irresistible.

Then, in June, we were treated with two very different singles, “Coup de Grace” and “Cry on My Guitar.” The title track is a merry marriage of funk and glam with verses which beam with reflective melancholy. This leads to a chorus that bites back.

Miles’ third single, “Cry On My Guitar,” dresses itself even further along the lines of glam rock, with a character that evokes the legendary Marc Bolan. It does this with its catchy tempo, strutting vocals, and those glorious guitar riffs. So far, it is this single which is my leading favourite!

So, what else can we expect from Coup de Grace? 

Coup de Grace is establishing itself as a giant leap forward for Miles Kane. Expect the rocker to be reflective, refreshed and raring to go. It certainly seems as though there will be numerous nods to various streams of rock, including classic, glam, psychedelic, and punk. It (already) beautifully encompasses the many things that have characterized Miles Kane’s solo journey, the growing he’s done, and the artists he has surrounded himself with since his last solo album, Don’t Forget Who You Are. I cannot wait to hear the new album in its entirety.

Miles Kane’s Coup de Grace will be released by Virgin EMI on 10th August.

Miles Kane Coup de Grace

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