Muse's 'Something Human'

New Release Alert: “Something Human” by Muse

Muse are releasing a new album later this year, and we couldn’t be more excited. On the 19th July, the rock icons released the music video for their third single. In contrast to the anthemic “Thought Contagion,” “Something Human” is a beautifully simple and personal acoustic-sounding track.

The music video is rather magical too! We get a nostalgic yet purely fantastical and electric sequence, one that is reminiscent of a teen sci-fi film from the eighties. VHS in hand, we see Matt Bellamy zooming down a country road in his very own knight rider. This soon goes completely ballistic with crazy lights and a werewolf! I’ve had similar emotions when rushing to go somewhere before the rental agreement expires… 

Muse have always been excellent with expressing heightened emotion with their rock music, and this is still ever-present.  “Something Human” (and its electric music video) wonderfully encompasses the thrills and dreams of not only the young spirit, but also of those yearning for the safety and stability of home.

Muse’s new album is scheduled to release in November 2018.


From Sophia with Love x

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