New Releases (August Edition): “Living in Extraordinary Times” by James and “Move Through the Dawn” by The Coral

New Releases (August Edition): “Living in Extraordinary Times” by James and “Move Through the Dawn” by The Coral

Today, let me take you through two indie albums released this month: the “Living in Extraordinary Times” by James, and “Move Through the Dawn” by The Coral. Two very different, but equally delightful releases.

Living in Extraordinary Times by James

James living in extraordinary times

The rock band James have always been known for big tunes. Their fifteenth studio album, Living In Extraordinary Times, is a techno and cosmic expression of emotion, frustration, and longing. Hank and Heads are damning rants about the state of modern America. Meanwhile, Extraordinary Times is a trance of a track, which is not only explosive about current society, but is at the same time uniting, strong, and beautiful. Throughout this album, Tim Booth’s vocals (and lyrics) are confronting, emotional, and magical. Coming Home (Pt.2) is a heartfelt track about going long-distance with loved ones. The techno Leviathan, the emotional How Hard The Day, and the therapeutic Better Than That, are highlights. Alternatively, Many Faces reminds of hits such as the classic Sit Down. The bonus track Backwards Glances is wonderful, and the demos are welcome additions to this cosmic rant.

Move Through the Dawn by The Coral

the coral move through the dawn

The Coral are a band of fascinating indie rockers. Inspired by bands such as The Rascals and The Zutons, their cool reworkings of old-school psychedelia and country music makes for some great indie tunes. Earlier this month, they released the beautiful Move Through the Dawn, their ninth studio album. The vocals of frontman James Skelly are wonderful! My favourite tracks from the album are: the hip She’s A Runaway, Strangers In The Hollow, the acoustic and gentle After The Fair, and Outside My Window, which has a retro spaghetti-western feel. From 60s psychedelic to gentle folk tunes, Move Through the Dawn is a cool collection of great guitar tunes.


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