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New Release Alert: “The Dark Side” by Muse

From what we’ve heard and seen thus far, Muse‘s eighth album is going to be a 80s sci-fi expedition through a dystopian world. Set to release in November, Simulation Theory  has excited fans from its first mention. This has only been further ignited by the release of the album’s fourth single, the synthpop belter The Dark Side. 

A closer look…

In terms of the album’s singles, I’d say that The Dark Side is probably the closest to Muse’s classic sound, with vocals from Matt Bellamy that are reminiscent of iconic hits such as “Hysteria” and “Uprising.” The electrifying combination of synthesizer and guitar riffs is definitely one of the track’s highlights, giving the track a really timeless aura. Released in partnership with the single, the music video can be viewed as a more demented progression of setting from their last single, the dystopian and Teen Wolf world of Something Human. Want some more good news? Every track on the new album will have a music video. How cool is that?!

Muse at Almost Acoustic Xmas 2017
Muse at Almost Acoustic Xmas in 2017. Credit: Jessica S (Flickr).

Muse’s Simulation Theory is set to release on 9th November. Check out The Dark Side and its exhilarating music video below.


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