The FSWL Playlist – Issue 1 – New Releases

The FSWL Playlist – Issue 1 – New Releases

Hello! Welcome to a new feature on From Sophia with Love! The FSWL Playlist will showcase my favourite new track releases from new and established bands. I have really enjoyed these tracks, and I hope that you will too. Issue 1 includes the new releases from Razorlight, Thom Yorke, The Vanities, Only Sun, and Barns Courtney.

“Olympus Sleeping” by Razorlight

Razorlight - Olympus Sleepin

After a long hiatus, Razorlight are preparing to release their first album in a decade. Olympus Sleeping looks very promising, and their recent singles show the band with a new-found energy. After the spirited Sorry? Razorlight released Olympus Sleeping, a floorfiller with a punk vibe. It’s so catchy – you just can’t help tapping your feet! Olympus Sleeping is scheduled to release on October 26th, and I cannot wait for their return.

“Spiral” by Only Sun

Only Sun - Spiral

After forming in 2015, Only Sun are fairly new kids on the indie rock block. Spiral is their ninth single release this year, making their 2018 as exciting as it can be. Their music has a very loud and fun vibe, and Spiral is no exception with its catchy lyrics, high spirit, and rushing guitar riffs. I would recommend following them on Twitter  or Facebook and giving them some love!

“Adult Essence” by The Vanities

The Vanities - Adult Essence

Let’s keep the young and exciting talent coming ay? The Vanities are an indie punk band from Glasgow, and oh boy do they pack a punch. With a sound similar to Buzzcocks and The Libertines, The Vanities possess a nostalgic, snarling, and energetic sound. Adult Essence is sheer 70’s punk with its gritty and rebellious vocals, paired well with brilliant guitar riffs and pacing drums. Overall, a very enjoyable track! If this sounds like music to your ears, then check them out on Twitter. I am very excited to see what they’ll release in future!

“99” by Barns Courtney

Barns Courtney - 99

On August 24th, Barns Courtney released “99.” The 27-year-old singer recently released the lively and nostalgic track which has some brilliant guitar riffs, as well as some melodic vocals and fun keyboard riffs. This track has the potential to be a great floorfiller. He is currently working on his second album, and if “99” is anything to go by, then it should be a really charming record. Check out Barns Courtney on  Twitter. 

“Supsirium” by Thom Yorke

Thom Yorke - Suspirium

Now, I am not really a fan of remakes. Yet, the score of Luca Guadagnino’s remake of the 1977 cult horror film Suspiria is at least looking promising. Sounding like a musical departure from the Dario Argento original, Thom Yorke’s Suspirium is so gentle yet still haunting. There is incredible suspense embedded within the track, much like the music you’d hear at the beginning of a horror film (before anything terrifying happens). The track’s piano melodies are beautiful, and as you’d expect from Radiohead’s Yorke, the vocals are tremendously moody and chilling.

Keep an eye out for Issue 2 tomorrow, which will feature new music releases from a bunch of classic artists including Gilbert O’Sullivan, Paul Carrack, and Soft Cell. Stay tuned! For now, enjoy my personal favourite from this issue – Only Sun’s Spiral. 


From Sophia with Love x



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