AM:ZM Exhibition

The AM:ZM Exhibition in London

While London’s O2 Arena was home to Arctic Monkeys, Great Titchfield Street’s Noho Showrooms was home to the AM:ZM Exhibiton. The contents of this free exhibition were created by the band’s photographer Zachery Michael, who helped to document the making and promotion of AM’s Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino. 

What was on show?

The shots on display included stills from recent music videos, tour posters, as well as shots showing the band jamming. Some of these shots really presented a more intimate side to Arctic Monkeys, who are no strangers to the limelight. Many professional photoshoots were also included at the gallery, which build upon the initial 2018 shots exhibiting their stylish new look. Yep, that very look which sent sent shock waves through the British music scene – before the release of the album, which definitively proceeded to do so but tenfold. I really enjoyed just soaking it all in, and really made me warm to the TBH+C project more than ever. They even had the iconic model there! It was hard to not stand there gawking. I definitely did just that, at not only the model, but at everything else too…

The exhibition also included an intimate video capturing Arctic Monkeys recording various tracks. This fascinating video, which was directed by the band’s videographer Ben Chappell, was a spectacle in itself while it played in a dark, curtained annex of the Noho Showrooms.

Many items were also on sale. This included cassette and deluxe vinyl editions of the album, tour posters, and signed photographs by Zachery Michael. I really couldn’t resist, and finally bought the Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino deluxe vinyl!

Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino deluxe vinyl

The AM:ZM Exhibition will also be residing in Sheffield during the band’s shows in their hometown. It is definitely worth a visit and is so enjoyable. I might just give it four stars of five (I’ll let myself out..)

From Sophia with Love x 


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