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The FSWL Playlist: Issue 5

Welcome to Issue 5 of The FSWL Playlist! The past week has well and truly spoiled us with new (and great) music. With particular attention paid to music released last week, this issue includes the new indie releases by The Snuts, Llovers, Parcels, Teleman, and Princess Chelsea.

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“Manhattan Project” by The Snuts

The Snuts Manhattan Project

The Snuts (and their rip-roaring indie rock) are already a hit at home in Scotland. This summer, they were able to entertain thousands more through great sets at Reading and Leeds, TRNSMT and Belladrum.

Manhattan Project (released on 7th September) is their second single. With a rowdy sound similar to that of early Arctic Monkeys (e.g. ‘I Bet You Look Good on The Dancefloor’), The Snuts return with an explosive sound that echoes through their energetic drum rhythms and classic-sounding guitar riffs. In a recent interview, the frontman stated that it is a “a combination of war and romance wrapped up tightly inside an indie anthem.” Honestly, I couldn’t have put it better myself. The excellent vocals from frontman Jack Cochrane really help with this combination, as they are as emotional and sincere as they are confrontational. The Snuts are set to start their debut UK headline tour next month. Click here to check out the band on SoundCloud.

“Without You” by Llovers

Llovers Without You

Llovers are a British indie band who craft indie-pop tracks with a psychedelic finish. Without You is the B-Side to their recent single release, the infectious and hook-fueled “Go Get Her, Go Getter.” The B-Side shines with its honest, open, and organic sound. The band’s co-frontman David Macnab has previously spoken about how they wanted to keep the charm of the demo recording. This approach resulted in the beautifully delicate and lovable ‘Without You.’ The vocals are impeccable, and pairs beautifully with the the heart-beating drums, breezy trumpet, and acoustic guitar. Click here to follow Llovers on SoundCloud.

“Lightenup” by Parcels

Parcels Lightenup

Parcels released the groovy Lightenup on 6th September. It is a single from their upcoming debut album, which the band is set to release on 12th October. The Aussie quintet (now living in Berlin) say that this track is the most representative of their sound. Of course, that is music to our ears, as ‘Lightenup’ is an immensely groovy disco and funk tune. The bass riffs and synths exude the classic sound of Chic and Daft Punk, with the latter even collaborating with them in 2016 with ‘Overnight.’ Parcels are going on tour soon, with dates within the US, UK, and Europe. How exciting! Click here to follow Parcels on SoundCloud.

“Fun Destruction” by Teleman

Family of Aliens Teleman

On 7th September, London foursome Teleman have released their third studio album – Family of Aliens. Fun Destruction is my favourite track from the album. It wonderfully exhibits Teleman’s bouncy indie pop. The track begins with a techno feel, then jumps into another sphere of running synth rhythms and jerking guitars. Also, the vocals of frontman Tom Saunders are excellent with their elasticity and occasional high notes, furthering the track’s appeal as a fun indie-pop banger. The band are set to embark upon an entertaining UK tour over the next two months. Click here to follow Teleman on Bandcamp.

“I Love My Boyfriend” by Princess Chelsea

Princess Chelsea, aka Chelsea Nikkel, is a New Zealand artist who released her fourth solo album The Loneliest Girl on 7th September. The bells in I Love My Boyfriend  create some dreamy vibes which exude a vintage music box sound. This then contrasts itself with the fuzzy garage rock additions – it is sweet first, then eerie and tumultuous second. It is a rather deceiving track as well, as you think the main subject of the song is her boyfriend, but oh no – the song only mentions him as an afterthought. Instead, this track finds Chelsea dreaming of another man. The melodic interplay between the chimes, guitar, and dreamy yet troubled vocals unravel this dilemma beautifully. Click here to follow Princess Chelsea on SoundCloud.

That’s Issue 5 done! Keep an eye out for Issue 6, which will include the new releases by The 1975, Estrons, Indoor Pets, Sea Girls, and Pale Waves. Click here for Issue 4. 

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