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The FSWL Playlist: Issue 6

Looking for new music? I’ve got you covered with yet another synopsis of this week’s best (and mostly indie) releases. This week, I will be looking at new material from The 1975, Estrons, Indoor Pets, Sea Girls, and Paul Weller.

“Sincerity is Scary” by The 1975

 Sincerity is Scary The 1975

Sincerity is Scary is the fourth single from The 1975’s upcoming album, A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships. Matt Healy definitely has a knack for lyrics you must pick apart and allow to take you in all sorts of directions. This track is effortlessly smooth with its brass and piano interplay, which neatly weave themselves in the wandering and ironic lyrics of honesty, vulnerability and relationship frustration. A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships will be released on November 30th.

“Body” by Estrons

Estrons Body

Now for some more indie. With a UK tour and debut album coming up, Welsh trio Estrons released their new single Body on the 13th. Standing as an inward-looking and self-assured rejection of the digital world, ‘Body’ is full of life with its roaring and distorted guitar riffs. Also, lead vocalist Tali Källström is on great form with her electrifying and seductive voice. Estrons’ debut album, You Say I’m Too Much, I Say You’re Not Enough, is set to release on the October 5th.

“Hi” by Indoor Pets

Indoor Pets Hi

Formally known as Get Inuit, Indoor Pets recently released their first single on their new record label, Wichita Recordings. Lyrically, Hi is self-deprecating and angsty. This banger riots with its power-pop demeanour, mixed with the very staples of indie rock that make it so relatable and infectious: the leading vocals by Jamie Glass are energetic and filled with frustration, and the track’s pacing guitar riffs are blazing. Indoor Pets will be touring the UK over the next couple of months, so keep an eye out!

“All I Want To Hear You Say” by Sea Girls

All I Want To Hear You Say Sea GirlsLondon four-piece Sea Girls recently released a new single, the anthemic All I Want To Hear You Say. In anticipation for the band’s UK tour this October, the new release is catchy, infectious, and packs a musical punch. Frontman Henry Camamile has said that the track explores how we depend on the approval of others, or essentially, how we shouldn’t – with the inclusion of stalking your ex on Facebook. His vocals are also on point, breathing a lot of life into the already lively guitar and keyboard riffs. Catch the boys on tour!

“Moving On” by Paul Weller

Paul Weller True Meanings

Music heavyweight Paul Weller is back with his fourteenth solo album, True Meanings. Presenting it as “the sort of record a 60-year-old should make,” the modfather’s new release is an introspective collection of melodic goodness. Moving On is no exception, with its soothing acoustic and country feel. The strings accentuate the song’s mood beautifully, and Paul Weller’s vocals are heart-warming – his voice has wonderfully aged like a fine wine. All in all, Weller’s new record is another testament to the versatility his 46-year career has consistently proved.

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