The FSWL Playlist: Issue 7

The FSWL Playlist: Issue 7

Welcome to Issue 7 of The FSWL Playlist, bringing you some of the best new rock around. This week, the new  releases by Muse, Linn Koch-Emmery, Penelope’s Thrill, Zuzu, and Mumford & Sons.

“Pressure” by Muse

Muse Pressure

Released on September 27th, Pressure is Muse’s fourth single from their upcoming album. Set to release on November 9th, Simulation Theory is already looking like an absolute cracker. It particularly shines as an indulgent exploration of 80’s teen sci-fi and the electronic rock spirit. The spirited ‘Pressure’ is no exception to this theme. Its guitar riffs are very Muse, and its chorus is so sublime. The music video beams of the Back to the Future aesthetic more than ever, by bringing us back to the school dance scene at the movie’s climax. It is a very cool video, with frontman Matt Bellamy channeling his inner Marty McFly. It even stars Terry Crews! Check it out at the end of this post (you know you want to!) 🙂

“Don’t Sleep on my Luv” by Linn Koch-Emmery

Linn Koch-Emmery

Hailing from Stockholm, Linn Koch-Emmery is a rocker on the rise. Released on 14th September, Don’t Sleep on my Luv is the second single from her upcoming EP. It really is an indie rock tune full of fuzzy and breezy goodness. Released on 14th September, ‘Don’t Sleep on my Luv’ not only resembles the fuzziness of classic indie, but also the classic rock sound with its epic guitar riffs and driving vibe. Linn’s vocals are especially lovely and really take you on the lovelorn yet hopeful travels of the music. With her second EP coming out later this month, check out Linn Koch-Emmery on Bandcamp.

“Dark Blue” by Zuzu

Zuzu Dark Blue

Let’s now head to Liverpool, the home of the spirited and snazzy Zuzu. Dark Blue is inspired by an episode of The Clangers which, for some context, is a stop motion kids show that was set on the moon. What we then get is a vivacious and infectious track with a chorus that will get you moving. To best describe the track as a whole, the verses give the impression of floating, while the chorus throws you into a rocket and shoots you into the atmosphere. Zuzu brings a lot of energy and character to this enjoyable track. It really is an explosive and charming number. Check out Zuzu on SoundCloud. 

“Guiding Light” by Mumford & Sons

Mumford & Sons Guiding Light

Three years have passed since the release of Wider Mind, so the news of a new Mumford & Sons album was, of course, very exciting! The indie rockers from London have returned in style with the release of their new single Guiding Light, which beams of melodic folk-rock. It is honest, heartfelt and harmoniously indulgent. The band have truly fallen in love with their acoustic sound once again, leaving us to fall in love with them once more. Mumford & Sons’ upcoming album Delta, which has been described as “more intimate and expansive” than their previous work, will release on November 16th. Plus, the band are celebrating 10 years in music with a 60-date worldwide tour – so check them out! 🙂

“Doorbell In The Sky” by Penelope’s Thrill

Penelope's Thrill

Now for something very wholesome and vintage. 25 years after playing as a guitarist in garage bands in New Jersey and Boston, Timothy Walsh was urged by his son, Andrew, to get back into music and form a new band. Barbara, the wife of Timothy and mother of Andrew, also got involved on keyboard. Penelope’s Thrill is therefore a wholesome family of musicians who have a timeless sound.  Inspired by the likes of The Ramones, Talking Heads and The Jam, the catchy and rustic feel of this Madison band is very enjoyable. Their sound is not just vintage, but gives a fresh perspective on the sounds and rhythms we love. Doorbell in the Sky is no exception to this, with its upbeat guitar riffs and classic vocals from Timothy Walsh. Recorded at their home on a Zoom R8 recorder, the track’s sound is intimate and charmingly lo-fi. It also ends with an awesome electric guitar riff. I would recommend checking Penelope’s Thrill out on SoundCloud by clicking here.

Hope you enjoyed Issue 7! For Issue 6, click here. 

From Sophia with Love x

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