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The FSWL Playlist: Issue 9

The FSWL Playlist is back with another round-up of new music releases. This week, join me as I review the new releases by Nothing But Thieves, The Luka State, Sundara Karma, Montauk Hotel, and She Drew The Gun.

“Take This Lonely Heart” by Nothing But Thieves

nothing but thieves

Let’s start with a band that’s here for me to review for a second time. Nothing But Thieves have finally released their What Did You Think When You Made Me This Way? EP. Take This Lonely Heart is the fourth track from it, and it packs a punch with its jumps from creeping verses to rousing choruses. Also, frontman Conor Mason is on top form once again with his stellar vocals!

“Kick in The Teeth” by The Luka State

the luka state

Released on October 26th, Kick in the Teeth is a bold and honest number from Winsford four-piece The Luka State. With a debut album on the way, lead vocalist Conrad Ellis has stated that the track honours the band’s working class roots, as well as the classic vigour of bands such as The Clash and The Jam. “It’s about life in those little working-class towns with no opportunities. No jobs. No hopes” he stated. However, he continues to say that the track displays a defiant spirit: “life keeps kicking you in the teeth, but somehow you just gotta smile.”

“One Last Night on this Earth” Sundara Karma

Sundara karma

When Sundara Karma announced an exciting tour for 2019 and a new album, they also released its first single: One Last Night on This Earth, a track which beams with that sexy and expressive Bowie confidence. Shining with that infectious 70s flair, the track’s glam charm particularly shines with a great energy. In a recent interview, Oscar Pollock discussed how he wanted to “write a song about an extra-terrestrial who’s been sent to Earth to observe human interaction.” To be honest, it’s a bit of an emotional roller-coaster – with the extra-terrestrial falling in love the night before his departure. Timing eh? Sundara Karma’s Ulfilas’ Alphabet is scheduled to release on the 1st March 2019.

“Stains” by Montauk Hotel

montauk hotel

Ready for a “shimmer pop” track? Stains (released on 16th October by Irish indie-pop band Montauk Hotel) is a dreamy track with distant-sounding yet pounding drum beats. Personally, I think this art (in the pic above) is one of the coolest I’ve included in the playlist review – it shines with its faded picture vibes! Very apt indeed.

“Something for the Pain” by She Drew The Gun

she drew the gun

Ready for something a bit psychedelic? She Drew The Gun’s Something for the Pain has a stellar 60’s sound. In terms of more recent music influences that love to look back to the classics, the band’s frontwoman, guitarist and songwriter, Louisa Roach, has long been inspired by bands such as The Coral (who they supported on tour last month), as well The La’s and The Lightening Seeds. This groovy track comes from the band’s new album, Revolution of Mind – a very artistic and empowering record.

That’s it for Issue 9! For Issue 8, click here.

Let’s check out that track by The Luka State again – its music video is giving me some serious “Where’s Your Head At” vibes.

From Sophia with Love x 

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