The Coral Leamington

The Coral at Leamington Assembly

As part of a far-reaching UK tour, the 15th March brought The Coral’s epic appearance at Leamington Assembly. It was brilliant to have such a gig so close to my university, so yes I was there like a shot. Unsurprisingly, I was not disappointed. In fact, it is the best gig I’ve been to in the past 12 months. Here’s what happened.

The Support Act: Cut Glass Kings

First of all, the heavy blues/psych fuzz duo Cut Glass Kings supported The Coral. The Birmingham-based band released their debut EP in 2017 and are signed to Skeleton Key Records, which is managed by The Coral’s James Skelly. They were roaring with their gritty rock music and had a great set. A real treat! Check out these guys on twitter and listen to one of their tracks below.

The Headline Act: The Coral

After a roaring support set, The Coral appeared on stage around 9pm. Since their eponymous debut album released in 2002, the Wirral-based five-piece have held a prestigious place on the rock scene. Their music is multi-faceted, displaying influences from 60’s psychedelia and folk rock, Merseybeat and country. Then, of course, you can add the mannerisms which make indie rock so catchy.

The Coral

The Coral performed their classic tracks beautifully, such as ‘Dreaming of You’, ‘Pass it On’, and ‘In the Morning’. I was especially elated to hear them perform the lovely ‘Jacqueline’, one of my favourites from the band.  Their 2018 album release Move Through the Dawn also sounded sublime. The album is groovy, melodic, and simultaneously packs a real punch in its occasionally retro soundscape. Undoubtedly, it sounded splendid live. This was especially the case with stunners like ‘Outside My Window’, ‘She’s A Runaway’ and the dreamy ‘Eyes Like Pearls’ – my favourite track from the new record.

Now onto how the band members. First of all, frontman James Skelly is a true showman. Throughout the gig, he was also losing himself in all of the grooves happening around him. Bass guitarist and backing vocalist Paul Duffy also shined with his rhythm, fun attitude and good rapport with the crowd. Nick Power on the keyboard was also lush, with the keys truly adding a nice touch to the band’s melodic sound. The sound was also lifted to new energies by Ian Skelly on drums. Joining in 2015, guitarist Paul Molloy is a relatively new addition to the band, bringing in some amazing riffs and psychedelic solos where he truly shines live.

The Coral

This was another aspect of the night which was truly magical: there were moments where the band would just jam out some crazy guitar-driven interludes and just rock on in their own world. We especially got this treat in the last quarter of their set. It was truly magical! Everything I’ve my friends, makes The Coral a band that is even more brilliant live than they are off-stage.

From Sophia with Love x 

P.S. For my review of The Coral’s Move Through the Dawn, click here. 


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