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The FSWL Playlist: Issue 10

Hello! Here are 6 new releases that I hope you’ll love as much as I do. This week’s picks are from Vampire Weekend, Billie Eilish, Orla Gartland, The National, Otherkin, and whenyoung. They really are fab!

“This Life” by Vampire Weekend

This Life

With it being around 6 years since their last album Modern Vampires in the City (2013), it’s so nice to have Vampire Weekend back. The band’s recent singles have celebrated their wonderfully cheerful and new sound. Much like “Harmony Hall” and “Sunflower”, “This Life” shines with its bright hooks and uplifting nature. Lyrically speaking, the song is also gloriously introspective, with frontman Ezra Koenig exploring the troublesome relationship in the song’s narrative. It’s tremendously catchy and well-crafted. Vampire Weekend’s fourth studio album, Father of the Bride, will be released on May 3rd.

“my strange addiction” by Billie Eilish

billie eilish

Since her 2016 debut, Billie Eilish has been making some serious waves in the indie pop scene. The 17-year-old artist writes her music with her brother Finneas, with a lot of her music building on their personal experiences growing up. In her debut album, WHEN WE FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? Eilish dances with the devil in a world that is haunting, honest, and tongue-in-cheek. The album also elevates itself with its successful use of trap music. As an album highlight, “my strange addiction” is laced with punchy pop riffs which shine with a classic R&B sound. Another reason why I like “my strange addiction” so much is this: the track contains clippings from the “Threat Level Midnight” episode from The Office (US), one of Billie’s favourite shows. Hence, “my strange addiction”, as well as the album from which it came, are solid highlights of 2019.

“Flatline” by Orla Gartland

Irish singer-songwriter Orla Gartland has released “Flatline”, the second single from her upcoming EP Why Am I Like This? – which is scheduled to be released on the 24th May. Set within the lessons the artist learned in her formative years, Orla explained that “Flatline” is about the frustration in friendship when you give everything and get nothing back. Orla’s catchy folk pop gleams in the track, sprinkled with punchy hooks. It is a delight!

“Light Years” by The National

The National Light Years

Hailing from Cincinnati, indie rockers The National have released another wonderful single from their upcoming album, I Am Easy to Find. In terms of my musical discoveries, The National are a fairly recent one. “Light Years” is a wonderful song which is beautifully etched with delicate and emotional tones. After all, it is The National’s skill in creating well-crafted and emotional (sometimes heart-wrenching) music which has given the band a devoted fan base and a prestigious place on the indie music scene. The emotions further pulsate with Matt Berninger’s lovely vocals and Aaron Dessner’s beautiful piano melodies in the track. I Am Easy to Find, the follow-up to Sleep Well Beast (2017), is scheduled for release on 17th May.

“All That Remains Won’t Be the Same” by Otherkin


After the success of the raucous single “Tombstone” in 2018, “All That Remains Won’t Be The Same” is Otherkin’s brand new single. In collaboration with Chemical Brothers producer Steve Dub, the thunderous Irish rockers’ new single tackles the issue of misogyny in music and the abuse of power. The guitar riffs create the riotous energy of the track brilliantly. The track is further enhanced by the vocals of frontman Luke Reilly, which hold the spirit of 70’s punk and classic garage rock – very nice. I am looking forward to seeing what else they release as this is brilliant!

“Future” by whenyoung

whenyoung future

Now for some more Irish rock. Back in February, whenyoung performed “Future” on tour and I absolutely loved it. Finally it’s a single! Released as part of an announcement of their upcoming debut album Reasons to Dream, “Future” is a monument to the band’s energetic, poetic, and alluring sound. Directed with its heart-beating drums, the track shines with its roaring guitar riffs, catchy chorus and Aoife Power’s wonderful vocals. This uplifting track is perfect for the wandering mind. The band are currently touring with Sundara Karma, and their debut album Reasons to Dream is scheduled to release on 24th May. I cannot wait!

That’s all for now!

From Sophia with Love x 


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