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The New Indie Playlist – Issue 01

The New Indie Playlist is a new wave of content focusing solely on new indie and alternative rock. In the first issue, we celebrate summer fun, rebellion and revelry! Scroll for the new indie releases by Two Door Cinema Club, Liam Gallagher, Declan Welsh and the Decedent West, On Video and Parliamo!

Looking at online fame through “Once” by Two Door Cinema Club

Singles such as “Talk” and “Dirty Air” have revealed a great new development in TDCC’s sound with its 80’s touches. After the stream of these fun and synth-driven singles by the band, Two Door Cinema Club dropped their new album, False Alarm, on the 21st June. Apart from being released just in time for summer, the album has an enjoyable offering of synth-fueled riffs and contemporary musings. One such example is the spirited “Once”, which sees the band explore online identities and the general rush that comes with sudden fame. This track jumps around with its bubbly attitude but also glides with its dreamy overall feel.

 “You’re no fun at a party!”: “No Fun” by Declan Welsh and the Decedent West

In this track, Declan Welsh and the Decedent West are all about the life of the party. As heard in great tracks like “Absurd” and “Different Strokes”, the band’s energy and attitude is vibrant and infectious. Sticking two fingers up to those who are “no fun at a party”, “No Fun”  roars with its racing guitar riffs and rebellious vocals by Declan Welsh. This track was released with the news of the Glaswegian band’s upcoming album, Cheaply Bought, Expensively Sold, which is scheduled for release in October.  I’m certainly looking forward to hearing it!

“Hallelujah I feel free”: “Shockwave” by Liam Gallagher

During an intimate gig at Hackney’s Round Chapel on 5th June, Liam Gallagher debuted the fiery “Shockwave”. This was our first taster of his upcoming album, Why Me? Why Not? – scheduled for release this September. “Shockwave” is driven by its catchy drums, grinding guitar riffs and that hell-raising harmonica! Liam’s agitated vocals anchor the action, perfectly fitting the track’s rebellious tones. The music video was directed by François Rousselet, showing Liam exploring the Deep South of America. There’s fire, spirit, and vintage rock ‘n’ roll. I love it! The album’s second single has also been released, called “The River” (click to check it out!).

A wedding brawl to end all brawls in “Adversary” by On Video

This East-London foursome create catchy indie-pop influenced by garage rock, and “Adversary” is a real rush to listen to with its cheerful and distorted guitar riffs. Taken from their upcoming EP Clap Trap, the passionate vocals by frontman Hassan Anderson also pack a real punch, making this track really fun! Sometimes you just want a song that just goes a bit mad to wake you up and make you run around, and “Adversary” does this very well. Do check out the music video as well – the wedding evolves into an absolute brawl and it’s very entertaining!  If their sound takes your fancy, check them out live The Old Blue Last in East London on the 24th July! They’ll be playing alongside International Men of Misery and Vistas – how exciting!

It’s not like it is in the movies: “Youth” by Parliamo

Supported the rising Scottish indie band The Snuts in 2018, Parliamo are a great new punk outfit from Scotland. Talking of summer loving, “Youth” explores how losing your virginity in your teens isn’t as glamorous as we expect it to be. The track adds a local touch to proceedings by taking us to a party in Perth, the band’s hometown. Punk’s energy and the gloss of Parliamo’s brand of “underground pop” brilliantly capture the energy and rushes of your teens, as well as all of the emotions that surround these experiences. The guitar riffs are catchy and the chorus is undoubtedly infectious – all in all, a great, enticingly raucous track. It will be exciting to see where they go next!

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