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The New Indie Playlist: Issue 02

In the 2nd installment of the New Indie Playlist, we look at the new indie pop and rock tracks about love! Read on for the new releases by Blossoms, Hatchie, Fruit Bats, Larkins and The Academic.

Jessie’s Girl meets indie pop: “Your Girlfriend” by Blossoms

Ahh, the classic “I fancy someone but they’re dating my mate” predicament. Similar to the narrative to Rick Springfield’s “Jessie Girl”, “Your Girlfriend” has Blossoms’ Tom Ogden fantasizing about a roommate’s girlfriend. The track shines with the band’s catchy brand of indie pop – the guitar riffs are dreamily sweet and the bass adds that steady groove. It definitely sounds like quite a stressful situation to be in, so the pace of the track does help build that sense of an intruding dilemma. The music video even furthers the terrors of the situation, yet, as always with Blossoms, it is done in the most stylish way possible. Watch the music video above to see Teen Wolf, Frankenstein’s Monster and Dracula!

“The only one who didn’t stare straight through”: “Obsessed” by Hatchie

Hatchie is an Australian dream-pop artist. “Obsessed” was the third single to be released from her recent album, Keepsake, which dropped on the 21st June. Rather than the darker dimensions which come with obsession, here we are provided with genuine and earnest admiration. This dreamy indie pop track glides with its fuzzy guitar riffs, synths and drums. Moreover, Hatchie’s soft and hazy voice really adds that extra touch to this soothing ode to friendship. The music video (above) shows Hatchie and her band on tour enjoying the hazy nightlife.

“Have you been crying to your favourite song?”: “SUPERLIKE” by The Academic

Let’s head to the Irish indie music scene for this one! In 2018, The Academic‘s debut album Tales from the Backseat topped the Official Irish Albums Chart. Now in 2019, the band is back with new material. In “SUPERLIKE”, The Academic combine Tinder terminology with indie dancefloor grooves. In this sweet song about escaping with someone you “super like”, the upbeat guitar riffs and lovable demeanor are immensely enjoyable aspects. The band have also announced a UK tour for October 2019.

“I took a wrong turn down the right path”: “Sugar Sweet” by Larkins

After releasing the demo of “Sugar Sweet” in 2017, indie pop band Larkins have finally released it as a single. While retaining the song’s basic makeup, the Manchester foursome have taken the track to new heights. Magically combining a big pop chorus with that stylish indie charm, the harmonious addition of the new synths really lifts this sugary track about a blossoming romance. The vocal harmonies are also on-point, with all four members of the band contributing to the track’s overall vocal sound. In the newly released video, the song provides the soundtrack to this developing romance between the two friends. Taking shelter in an abandoned house, the song’s harmonies brilliantly capture this love story narrative. At the moment, Larkins are currently recording their debut album – exciting!

“Passing cars and rolling thunder”: “A Lingering Love” by Fruit Bats

Finally, the Chicago outfit Fruit Bats developed from a solo project by Eric D. Johnson, who was previously a member of indie rock band The Shins. With Fruit Bats, Johnson has beautifully blended 70’s elements with his folk-pop roots. Instead of longing for a particular person, “A Lingering Love” invokes nostalgic memories of the Great Lakes, located near the US-Canada border. This fits nicely with its album, Gold Past Life, which establishes itself as an exploration of sunshine-drenched yet bittersweet trips down memory lane. This ambivalence reveals another dimension: longingly looking back at the past may bring you comfort, but has its own dangers if you struggle to leave that space. This, when combined with the dreamy guitar riffs and acoustic elements, really makes “A Lingering Love” a wonderful song.

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