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Squid release roaring new track “The Cleaner”

Originally from Brighton, Squid are best described as a post-punk and disco-funk band. By weaving some funk grooves into punk music, the band have made themselves multi-faceted and exciting. After performing a packed set at Glastonbury in June, Squid have now released “The Cleaner” – the first track from their upcoming EP

Already a hit in the band’s live shows, “The Cleaner” is inspired by the band’s move from Brighton to London. Much like the process of adjustment that comes with moving, the 7-minute-long track takes some fun twist and turns. We are not only greeted with different tempos, but also with changing musical styles. Firstly, we hear influences from rock in the 70’s and 80’s. The Talking Heads-inspired spoken word elements work very well in the track, giving the track that classic swagger. The band’s lead singer and drummer, Ollie Judge, is infectiously ferocious here. Then, we get funk and more post-punk elements in the song’s many modes of transition – very cool indeed! However, don’t worry if a 7-minute track scares you – the band have also released a more radio-friendly edit.

Nevertheless, “The Cleaner” absolutely roars in many ways. Squid’s upcoming EP Town Centre is out digitally on September 6th. Be sure to keep an eye out – this band’s sound is very cool! 🙂

The band are currently on tour until October.

Check Squid’s UK tour dates below!

21st July – Latitude, Suffolk.

2nd August – Neverworld, Kent.

3rd August – The Three Wheel Drive, Andover.

3rd August – Visions, London.

16th August – Green Man, Wales.

22nd August – The Trades Club, Hebden Bridge w/ BCNR.

23rd August – Future Yard, Liverpool.

24th August – This Must Be The Place, Leeds.

29th August – Into The Great Wide Open, Netherlands.

30th August – Knee Deep, Cornwall.

31st August – End of the Road, Salisbury.

6th September – Krakenhaus Festival, Cumbria.

12th October – Tenement Trail, Glasgow.

19th October – Future Days, Birmingham.

19th October – Simple Things, Bristol.

20th October – Swn Festival, Cardiff.

21st October – The Shipping Forecast, Liverpool.

22nd October – Yes, Manchester.

23rd October – The Picture House, Sheffield.

24th October – Elsewhere, Margate.

27th October – Tunbridge Wells Forum.

6th November – Village Underground, London w/ Warmduscher.

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