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Abbie Ozard unveils “Heartbreak Radio”

Music, for many of us, is connected to certain memories. Certain songs often make us think of particular happy times, sad times, or maybe to the time you first heard it. Whether it’s for better or for worse, music undoubtedly has that power. It is this link between music and memory which Abbie Ozard explores in the upbeat yet heavy-hearted “Heartbreak Radio”.

In this case, music reminds her of a previous relationship.“‘Moments in your life will never be forgotten when they are put together with music” the Manchester artist states. It is this spirit which anchors the storytelling of “Heartbreak Radio.” “The fact that a melody can you remind you of a certain chapter in your life shows how powerful music really is.”

Musically, the track is glossingly-crafted like a pop song – the chorus is catchy and the slightly 80’s, bubbly nature of the music is sublime. Yet, the track still has the twists and turns with the guitar and changes of tempo.  This battle between the 5-note rhythm and the rebellious guitar riffs make “Heartbreak Radio” a well-crafted and gripping song. Also, Abbie’s voice is beyond lovely.

If this entices you, then check out a previous track by Abbie Ozard – “Growing Pains”. 

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From Sophia with Love x 

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