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Lauran Hibberd unveils cheeky indie bop “Frankie’s Girlfriend”

For the past year, indie pop artist Lauran Hibberd has been making waves with her quirky and tongue-in-cheek music. Inspired by the likes of Phoebe Bridgers and Weezer, Hibberd has unveiled the infectious “Frankie’s Girlfriend” – her latest installment from her upcoming EP.

“Frankie’s Girlfriend” serves as a stressed-out ode to suddenly thinking about your mate in a different way, followed by the treatment you might get from that mate’s girlfriend. In Hibberd’s case, the reception she gets from Frankie’s girlfriend is rather troublesome. According to Hibberd, the track was loosely inspired by true events. “I basically had a very weird dream about me and a friend of mine, called Frankie. I told him about it, and his girlfriend at the time (bit of a nutter) hated it. She went a bit crazy on me, and him, and it kind of triggered this warped little story really.”

“Frankie’s Girlfriend” shows us how Hibberd’s “90’s-influenced slacker pop” wonderfully applies humour to this tense and awkward situation. Firstly, inspired by Weezer’s approach to weaving humour into their lyrics, Hibberd approaches this situation whimsically and with a cheeky demeanor. She knows she has made this girl angry, but she doesn’t particularly regard her highly enough to do anything about it. Secondly, through her admiration of Phoebe Bridgers, Lauran Hibberd has amplified this one awkward moment with racing guitar riffs, evolving pop hooks and spaces for suspense. Therefore, the combination of these different personality elements and moods really help to make “Frankie’s Girlfriend” an absolute bop.

Lauran Hibberd’s debut EP Everything Is Dogs is out on September 20th.

If this takes your fancy, then check out a previous single by Hibberd: “Hoochie”. 

She is also heading out on a UK tour in October and November!

Read on for the tour dates and venues.

Lauran Hibberd’s UK tour:

08 Oct – Hare and Hounds 2, Birmingham.

09 Oct – Think Tank Underground, Newcastle.

10 Oct – Poetry Club, Glasgow.

12 Oct – Neighbourhood Festival, Manchester.

30 Oct – Boileroom, Guildford.

31 Oct – Komedia, Brighton.

01 Nov – The Anvil, Bournemouth.

02 Nov – Mirrors Festival, London.

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