Tadhg Daly

Tadhg Daly drops new single “Stuck In The Middle”

With only a handful of singles and just over 4,500 monthly Spotify listeners to his name, London-based Jersey artist Tadhg Daly is a very fresh name in independent music. Backed by BBC Introducing London, Daly is gradually charming listeners with his melancholic and accessible pop music. His new release “Stuck In The Middle” is an engaging pop song that is about trying to find peace in a tumultuous time.

Do you have trouble letting go of certain memories? Maybe write a pop song and let it out into the world. That’s what Daly did. “Letting go of something or someone that you love is so painful and this song was my way of doing that” he revealed. “Each time I get on stage and play this song to people I let go of a little bit of the pain that inspired the song.”

“Stuck In The Middle” clearly has the essential good pop song elements. It has lovely keys, classic pop hooks and a big, catchy chorus which all flow beautifully together. On top of it all, Daly’s vocals are impassioned in exploring the predicament of being, well, stuck in the middle of a painful situation.

See what I did there?

Check out “Stuck In The Middle” below.

Also, Tadhg Daly has two (free!) live shows this autumn. There’s not only a show in Jersey, but also a show in London. Check them out below and click on the venues for more info.

September 5 – The Blue Note, Jersey.

October 3 – The Finsbury, London.

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