Stereophonics release ‘Fly Like An Eagle’ track

Since releasing ‘Chaos From The Top Down’ in February, Stereophonics have returned with a new track and news of a new album. ‘Fly Like An Eagle’ (and no, it’s not a cover of that Steve Miller’s Band track) is the first single from the Welsh rockers’ upcoming eleventh studio album Kind. 

‘Fly Like An Eagle’ inspires you to leave your comfort zone and enter a world of endless possibility. While they beam with confidence, Stereophonics are undoubtedly themselves. Plus, it is so nice to hear them breath new a new lease of life into their music too. “It’s about changing and growth, and learning, not relying on the comfort zones of your life” revealed frontman Kelly Jones. Moreover, we also have a lovely music video from Charlotte Regan, which stars Peaky Blinders actor Charlie Creed-Miles.

Kelly Jones has co-produced the new album with George Drakoulias. Jones has spoken about Kind. “By November I had a load of songs that just came through me, lyrics just filling up pages, no crossings out, complete songs formed. They became a very open and to be honest, bunch of really vulnerable songs about things I hadn’t quite worked out for myself, the songs began to inform me how I was feeling.” After being recorded in just eleven days at The Distillery in Wiltshire, the record promises to be stripped back and raw record. Exciting times indeed!

‘Fly Like An Eagle’ music video

Kind will be out on October 25th via Parlophone Records. Check out the tracklist below.

1. I Just Wanted The Goods

2. Fly Like An Eagle

3. Make Friends With The Morning

4. Stitches

5. Hungover For You

6. Bust This Town

7. This Life Ain’t Easy (But It’s The One That We All Got)

8. Street Of Orange Light

9. Don’t Let The Devil Take Another Day

10. Restless Mind

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