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Kelsy Karter unveils single ‘Liquor Store on Mars’

After going viral with her “Harry Styles face tattoo” stunt (which was thankfully fake), La-based New Zealand-born artist Kelsy Karter has gained attention both as a personality and a musician. Earlier this week, she unveiled the rock ballad ‘Liquor Store on Mars’, taken from her upcoming debut EP Rocket Girl. 

In a conversation with V Magazine, Kelsy Karter discussed ‘Liquor Store on Mars’. “In April 2018 my ex and I broke up. Everywhere I went I was reminded of him” she revealed. “There’s a chair, HE sits on chairs. I was also dealing with a death and some personal stuff. It was a really dark time. All I wanted to do was F off to somewhere else and Mars seems like a pretty place.”

Ahh, that old struggle of getting over an ex-boyfriend. Wherever she goes, she sees things that remind her of him. Her thought solution to this? Deciding to move to another planet. Now, although that idea may seem far-fatched (it is), ‘Liquor Store on Mars’ is an enjoyable (but obviously sad and relatable) rock ballad. As an artist who situates herself around the spheres of Janis Joplin and Lana Del Rey, the new track sees Karter pairing together stunning vocals, a warmly nostalgic-yet-contemporary soundscape and her love for grass-roots rock n’ roll.

Check out ‘Liquor Store on Mars’ below.

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