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The Jacques are back with ‘Kiss the Pharaoh’

After some time away, London-based four-piece The Jacques have shared their brand new single ‘Kiss The Pharaoh’. The psychedelic and lo-fi single follows their signing to Modern Sky Entertainment UK.

Lead singer Finn has commented on the creepy tones of ‘Kiss the Pharaoh’. “We wrote the song because we wanted to make something that sounded kind of creepy and that tells fragments of stories without allowing people to really get one solid meaning” he revealed. “If you listen carefully there are some moments where it goes all cute like a nursery rhyme with phrases like “daddy piggy” but then twists to “bodies on the table, bodies in the sink” within the same few lines. There’s a lot of reggae influence in that song too, which is a big part of my music taste.”

‘Kiss the Pharaoh’ shines with its looming intensity and brooding verses. Its gritty and moody guitar riffs are hypnotic, which pairs quite aptly with its hallucinogenic music video and Egyptian imagery. In addition, its occasionally dark lyrics lure you into the looming doom of the track. This makes it rather haunting – in a good way of course.

All in all, The Jacques’ new track has signified a welcome return for the band.

Check out the psychedelic music video for ‘Kiss the Pharaoh’ below.

The Jacques also have a couple of gigs happening in October. With stops in Bristol and London, check out the dates below:

19/10 – The Crofter’s Rights, Bristol
22/10 – The Water Rats, London

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