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Phoebe Green drops chic single ‘Easy Peeler’

After releasing her critically acclaimed single ‘Dreaming Of’ five months ago, Chess Club Records artist Phoebe Green has released the chic and vibrant alt-pop single ‘Easy Peeler’. The track was co-written by The Big Moon’s Juliette Jackson and was produced with Kaines & Tom A.D.

‘Easy Peeler’ sees Phoebe Green wonderfully blending young struggles with her vintage and glamorous style. While taking on the roles of both boyfriend and girlfriend, the track sees Green stripping back societal expectations of a “modern relationship” and exploring the building pressure of social media presence.

“It kind of takes the piss out of what is expected of a modern relationship – ideas that are perpetuated by social media, and people’s need to create this picture-perfect image for their relationship” Green revealed in a conversation with Dazed. “It’s written from the perspective of someone that is naive to what a relationship entails, but has been fed this false perception of what it means to be with someone.”

“Don’t know why I’m still so keen /
On the idea of you and me /
It’s a concept that still thrills me /
But you shoot me down and kill me.” 

On the pressure to keep up appearances in the public presentation of a relationship, Green has said that “people are proper obsessed with keeping up appearances and maintaining this perfect ideal. So the song highlights the naivety of someone that is inexperienced anticipating what a relationship involves, based off what society and social media project.”

Phoebe Green’s musings are made all the more vibrant with her pop-punk phases in ‘Easy Peeler’. With a progression that keeps you guessing, the track shows that her brand of alternative pop is effortless and multi-faceted. Its melodic verses stride beautifully into the big choruses and distinct dreamy interludes, leaving you with no choice but to enjoy the ride. Also, Green’s versatile vocals hypnotically take you through this wonderful ride.

The track’s music video, directed by Harvey Frost, sees the 21-year-old artist playing both sides of a romantic relationship, including “the aspects of it that others are presented with, and the moments that are kept behind closed doors” Green revealed to Dazed. “For me it was a really fun opportunity to play both a masculine and feminine role. Harvey’s artistic vision for the video was incredible and suited the song so well, the sleazy jazz bar and the retro outfits created a dead cool aesthetic that brought it all together beautifully.”

Check out the music video for ‘Easy Peeler’ below.

‘Easy Peeler’ music video

This October, Phoebe Green will also be going on tour with Swim Deep. Stops include Southampton, Manchester and Glasgow. Exciting times indeed! Check out the dates below.

Phoebe Green on tour with Swim Deep – Tour Dates: 

5 Oct – The Haunt, Brighton
6 Oct – The Globe, Cardiff
8 Oct – The Exchange, Bristol
9 Oct  – The Loft, Southampton.
10 Oct  – O2 Academy Leicester, Leicester
11 Oct – District, Liverpool
12 Oct – Neighbourhood Festival, Manchester
13 Oct  – Stereo, Glasgow
14 Oct – The Cluny, Newcastle Upon Tyne.
15 Oct – The Wardrobe, Leeds
19 Oct – Band On The Wall, Manchester
20 Oct – The Bodega, Nottingham
21 Oct  – The Waterfront, Norwich
22 Oct  – The Portland Arms, Cambridge
24 Oct  – The Garage, London.

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