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Backdrop Falls will release new album worldwide

Backdrop Falls are a punk rock and pop punk band from Brazil. After forming in 2014, the band currently consist of Matheus Collyer (guitar and lead vocals), Roger Capone (drums) Ilton Tiger (bass) and Rafael Neutral (guitar). They have adopted influences from punk rock, pop punk and alternative rock to build their attractive sound. Since their new album There’s No Such Place As Home dropped on May 22nd, the band have decided to utilise their national popularity to gain exposure outside of Brazil. Thus, the band have joined forces with ten labels to provide the new LP with a worldwide release in CD digipack and K7 formats.

There’s No Such Place As Home

Backdrop Falls Brazil Punk Band there's no such place as home

There’s No Such Place As Home presents its dark and nihilistic moods through nine aggressive yet melodic punk tunes. This passionate album is their first, and it does a great job of combining the punk energy with heartfelt and reflexive lyrics about modern society.

A few tracks from the album are definitely worth a shout out. Firstly, the drive to pick yourself up after a fall (and really struggling with it) is explored in the ferocious ‘My Own Remains’, which shines with its big anxiety-driven chorus. Secondly, the angst continues in ‘Back of the Line’ and ‘Big Lie’, where the rebellious guitar riffs take centre stage. The album also treats us to some brilliant anthems like ‘2008’ and ‘Reach the Sky’, and even occasionally shows us its softer side in the example of ‘Out of My Mess’ – an ode to making the life of someone you love that bit easier. It even has a fab music video, which you can check out below!

The worldwide release: the ten labels involved

While the album is already available digitally via Electric Funeral Records, CD digipack and K7 formats will be available through the following labels across the world:

K7 Distribution:
  • Electric Funeral Records (Brazil)
  • Dinamite Records (USA).
CD Digipack distribution
  • Electric Funeral Records (Brazil)
  • Bomber Music (UK)
  • Dinamite Records (USA)
  • Geenger Records (Croatia)
  • Duff Records (Italy)
  • 20 Chords Records (Spain)
  • Infected Records (Portugal),
  • Razor Records (Argentina)
  • Audioslam (Chile)
  • Mevzu Records (Turkey).

So, be sure to keep an eye out if the record is releasing via a record label near you!

A music video for ‘My Own Remains’ is also on the way

To  support the album release, Backdrop Falls have also announced the launching of a new music video for ‘My Own Remains’. The band have spoken about the video, which is inspired by classic 50’s and 60’s horror movies. It was made in collaboration with artist Roani Volker – who also designed the gothic artwork for the new LP. While waiting for the full music video, check out the teaser below.

Also, do check out the album There’s No Such Place As Home via Spotify below. Make sure you let us know what you think! 🙂

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