The Warp/The Weft Dead Reckoning New Album

The Warp/The Weft unveil album Dead Reckoning

In 2018, we reviewed Christopher Pellnat’s sophomore album Liftoff. This time round, we’re giving you a brief exploration of the new album by his Poughkeepsie NY-based rock band The Warp/The Weft. Active since 2012, the band consist of musicians Trevor Larcheveque (Bass/Vocals), Chris Pellnat (Lead Guitar), Shane Murphy (Vocals/Guitar) and Christian Lark (Drums). Their third LP, called Dead Reckoning, is a collection of tantalising psych-folk rock tracks. With the occasional nods to Smashing Pumpkins, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Matthew and the Atlas, the band’s unique crafting of rock, folk and psychedelia takes you through a whirlwind of moods and stories.

The album Dead Reckoning

The Warp/The Weft Dead Reckoning new album

Through their unique blending of traditional and avant-garde styles, the progressive folk and psychedelia that The Warp/The Weft creates is propelled by poeticism and its truly awakening spirit. This can be heard at numerous points of the album. Firstly, ‘A Sun-Filled Room’ sees the band presenting a unique blend of folk-psychedelia and “prog metal”. The track is certainly lifted by both its organic guitar riffs and the brilliant vocal performance by Shane Murphy. Also, its gothic, operatic and fable-like feel is infectious and intriguing. This flows wonderfully into ‘Milk-White’, which begins beautifully with its haunting guitar riffs and eerie vocals. Then, the emerging drums, bass and braver guitar riffs indulges the listener with a psychedelic heaven.

Secondly, ‘Growth Rings’ is one of the more reflective tracks on Dead Reckoning. Through its poetic and political lyrics, it reflects on a world that has turned to dust. The guitar riffs creep into the track wonderfully to provide that deeper insight into the band’s wanderings. Along a similar feel, ‘Saline’ shines with its blues and folk melodies. The falsetto vocals again work wonders here along with the track’s rock garnishes.


The Warp/The Weft have a particular skill in combining prog rock, folk, psychedelia and alternative rock influences together in a multifaceted and creative way. The guitar riffs are definitely a highlight of the band’s craft, which are organic and keep you guessing. The music of The Warp/The Weft provides a journey through the evolution of numerous genres while simultaneously giving them a refreshing treatment for the modern age. Therefore, Dead Reckoning is a must-listen, especially for fans of psychedelia, folk, and the wonderfully alternative.

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