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The Rivers release debut single ‘For You’

We have another band recommendation for you! After forming in South Wales around three years ago, The Rivers have officially released their debut single ‘For You’.

Having written material mostly inspired by real experiences, their debut single ‘For You’ explores the desire to have a perfect life (with a job you love and an amazing partner included). Through its sweet lyrics, it lovingly celebrates that sense of achievement you feel after a lot of hard work, especially when you have wonderful life to show for it.

Currently consisting of friends Daniel (Vocals and Guitar), Evan (Bass) and Nathan (Drums), the band have combined all of their individual influences to make their sound. Along with Daniel’s love for rock bands like The Strokes, The Rivers have taken influences from Nathan’s passion for hip hop and pop punk to Evan’s love for psychedelia. Nevertheless, their debut single ‘For You’ is situated strongly in the rock camp. It is a fuzzy rock bop with its beating guitar riffs, energetic drums and slick vocals by the frontman. The frequent changes in tempo also brings some nice and sudden surges to the track’s rhythm.

So, without a further ado, check out ‘For You’ by The Rivers below. They also have a number of singles coming out later this month, so watch this space!

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