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Foals release brilliant new single ‘The Runner’

Foals have released the second single from their upcoming album Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost – Part 2. Loved ‘Black Bull’ and wanted more? Then you’re in luck – because new single ‘The Runner’ is also ferocious.

Foals set ‘The Runner’ in the same tumultuous setting as ‘Black Bull’. In a press release, frontman Yannis Philippakis said that the new single is “a call to find a sense of purpose and perseverance despite the odds and despite the troubles we may find inside or outside ourselves.” In our current political and social climate, we need this now more than ever. With its brilliant hooks, ‘The Runner’ unfolds with an undeniable spirit, vigour and a haunting nature. Yet again, Foals are unforgiving and oh so cool.

What these two singles have proved is that instead of cinematic and sophisticated tones of the first installment, we shall be dealing with heavy rock in Part 2. This has been confirmed by Yannis, who has described Part 2 has not only a “heavier listen”, but also as a response to the first. “Part one ended with a lot of fire and destructive imagery, Part Two is trying to respond to that: how you can continue in the wreckage and through the scorched earth?”

Foals’ new album will be out on 18th October via Warner Records.

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