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EP Review: “When I Loved You” by Bluebiird

You may remember Emily Osment from the Hannah Montana series and films like Spy Kids 2. However, her new musical project under the moniker Bluebiird is on a whole different plain. Since debuting under the new moniker this summer, Osment as been applauded by the likes of IDOLATOR and The Line of Best Fit for her dreamy and acoustic brand of pop music. And on Friday, she finally released her debut EP When I Loved You. This EP will be especially appreciated by fans of Gregory Alan Isakov and Phoebe Bridgers, as Bluebiird’s alternative folk-pop tunes are delightful.

When I Loved You – the EP

When I Loved You features five songs, including her two previously released tracks. Firstly, the intimate and raw indie folk track ‘Black Coffee Morning’ was “the product of a short lived relationship that was both parts wonderful and intensely disastrous” Osment told Atwood Magazine. “The exploration of the way a heart can bend without fully snapping is a beautiful lesson we all learn at one point in our lives, and the way we move around in our new knowledge of self afterwards is what makes us who we truly are.” Indeed, this heartfelt nature shows in its music, which widens its scope with some lovely brass and tempo changes. In addition to the dreamy guitar riffs and heart-beating drums, the vocals from Bluebiird are strong, sweet and are in mourning of a love gone by.

Secondly, the dreamy and vulnerable ‘Sailor’ “was born out of madness,” Bluebiird reveals. “I first wrote this song back in 2014. I was desperately trying to cope with the feeling that something was very wrong in my life… it wasn’t one thing, it was me and the people I was surrounding myself with.” In a similarly awakening fashion, the chorus opens up the infectious spirit of the artist in a personal ode to going through bad days and gathering up the strength to carry on. From the off, the track takes elements of the ballad and adds genuine elements of connection to draw you into its melodies.

The new tracks: ‘Good Girl’, ‘Lie Lie Lie’ and ‘Honey Heartbreaker’

The EP also features three previously unreleased tracks. For the EP’s third track, Bluebiird completely peel down the layers to reveal a lovely acoustic lullaby in ‘Good Girl’. This back-to-basics tune is anything but simple however, as the multiple vocal layers and guitar tones give you more than enough sounds to delight the senses.

Bluebiird then gets quite jazzy in ‘Lie Lie Lie’, which shines with its layers of anticipation and clicks. Its errie tones are beyond infectious and its magical vibe makes it perfect for a rainy evening.

Last but not least, the wonderful brass melodies continue in ‘Honey Heartbreaker’, an absolutely wonderful tune that plucks the heart strings and stops you in your tracks. It’s effortlessly beautiful and melodic. And therefore, it’s the perfect track to end such a masterful EP that flourishes on its simplicity yet numerous magical touches.

Check out When I Loved You, the debut EP by Bluebiird for yourself below. Out now!

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