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Half Wolf drops second single ‘Cigarette Smoke’

Since her August debut single ‘Pretty Lonely’, Half Wolf (Hannah Westerholm) has returned with a wonderful second single ‘Cigarette Smoke’.

Here, Half Wolf draws inspiration from her struggle to come out of an abusive relationship and picking up the pieces. “It all came from personal experience of an abusive partner rolling the car windows up while smoking his cigarettes. Not only a literal account, but metaphorical. This is a story using cigarette addiction as a metaphor for the waves of confusion and power struggle that comes with loving your abuser. My hope is that survivors can find comfort and empowerment in hearing a multidimensional point of view on an abusive relationship.” 

With cigarette addiction acting as a metaphor for the turbulent experience, the music of ‘Cigarette Smoke’ finds an inner sanctuary in its simplicity and it’s heartfelt tones. The second single from the Dakota musician shines with its warmly gliding and acoustic guitar riffs, which all float wonderfully around Hannah’s voice.

Along with the release, Half Wolf will also be playing her debut show on 2nd October in LA. Keep up to date with her via these social media links: Instagram / Spotify / Soundcloud

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