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Subshine releases synth-pop delight ‘Easy’

Now, when I think of Norwegian synth-pop, my mind usually goes to A-ha and the 80’s. However, there is also someone else I think you should know about – an artist who warmly reworks the 80’s synth-pop sound and brings it into 2019. That artist is Norwegian synth-pop artist Subshine (real name Ole Gunnar Gundersen). Ole Gunnar was previously the frontman of the award-winning band Lorraine – a band who grew a global cult following in the early 00’s. As part of the band, he released a number of European top ten singles, and even toured internationally with artists such as Mew and Pet Shop Boys.

Under the moniker Subshine, he released his new single ‘Easy’, which embraces his love of 80’s era synthesizers and pop sensibilities. It’s refreshing, upbeat and just the right about of nostalgic. You can also hear hints of War On Drugs and White Lies. This follows on nicely from his previous single ‘Florence’, which shines with its rolling sounds and musical rushes. It is also quite sweet, so I would recommend checking that out too!

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