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Gecko Club and North Parade @ The Grace

Hello, I’ve got another fab gig review for you! If you’re a fan of hoppy indie bands that makes you want to throw some shapes, then you’re in for an absolute treat. I watched two bands last night at The Grace in Highbury Corner: Gecko Club and headliners North Parade. Here is some info about both bands, as well as what made their gigs so damn enjoyable. Enjoy!

Gecko Club

Gecko Club indie london band surf-indie the Grace

From London, Gecko Club are a cool indie band with a surf rock sound. Boy, their music is so fun to listen to and their melodies whisk you away to an exotic location. After lighting up big crowds at O2 Islington and Camden Assembly through the past year or so, the band did a wonderful job at The Grace and its intimate feel.

They started off the show with their debut single ‘High Flyer’, which did so well upon its release that it aired on ITV’s This Morning and has received 124,450 streams since dropping in August last year. Their sophomore single ‘Rainbow’ went down really well too with its psychedelic and laid back feel, leaving enough breathing space for some delightful guitar and drum solos. Another highlight was when Gecko Club played their latest single, the fun and energetic ‘Only Tonight’ – which got everyone dancing and loving life!

If you want to check out Gecko Club, then here are their socials: Instagram Facebook Twitter / Spotify 

North Parade

North Parade indie Birmingham rock new bands

After a brilliant set from Gecko Club, North Parade ascended onto the stage of The Grace for a set of joyous and dreamy indie tunes. They played their two previously released singles ‘Kind Of’ and ‘Birmingham’, both of which shined with their sunny guitar riffs and luscious storytelling. For more on these tracks in particular, click here.

The joyous energy of the released songs were matched (if not taken to even greater heights) by the live performance and demeanour of the band itself. They had so much fun on stage and that wonderfully came across – causing most of the crowd to break out into dance.

In addition to bunch of wonderful and unreleased tracks, the band also played a single from their upcoming EP How to be Good, which will be further teased next month and released in December. In all the hype for this, North Parade will also be playing a headline show in their home city of Birmingham at The Victoria on 15th November.

(North Parade’s frontman also performed the entire set without his shoes on – and I respect that)

Give North Parade a gander and a follow here: Instagram Facebook / Twitter/ Spotify

Final Verdict? A GREAT NIGHT!

Both Gecko Club and North Parade are so fun to see live. Both of their sounds are so refreshing! Once each band had performed their first song, I really did not care that I was dancing by myself. It’s corny I know, but their tracks just want to make you move and make you so happy. What’s better than that for a night out? Be sure to check them out if you can – you’ll have a great night I promise!

Thanks for reading this gig review! You can expect many more – so stay tuned!

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