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Vistas tease debut album with ‘Teenage Blues’

Beaming off a sold-out UK tour and great tracks such as ‘Headspace’ and “Eighteen”, Edinburgh trio Vistas have had a cracking year. Not only that, but their tracks have also gathered over a million streams on Spotify. What can make this even better? A debut album of course. Earlier this week, we received the first teaser of the new LP, and it arrived in the form of uplifting guitar track ‘Teenage Blues’.

With tones that blend musical influences from Sundara Karma to Spector, ‘Teenage Blues’ takes you through the waves of growing up – with all the thrills and struggles that brings with it. Co-written by Circa Waves’ Kieran Shudall, Vistas frontman Prentice Robertson has revealed the pondering spaces of the track. “The verses show a conversation between to people discussing all the changes that happen at this time of your life” he explained.

“These are all problems that weigh on the mind of people trying to take the next steps in their lives, and the chorus addresses this. The chorus answers the fear of the changes by showing that there is a constant within them saying: ‘I will always be there’.” After all, it is that comforting message and joyful dressing that makes the track so enjoyable and infectious.

Vistas’ debut album will be out next year. Check out ‘Teenage Blues’ below and give Vistas a follow Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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