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Bear’s Den unveil new winter-themed EP

On the 4th December, folk rockers Bear’s Den released their new EP titled Only Son of the Falling Snow. 

On the new winter-themed EP, the band have revealed what anchored its particularly intimate and cosy feel. “We wanted to make an EP that felt intimate, nostalgic and felt united by the theme of Winter” Bear’s Den stated. “It was a chance between albums for us to work on and explore something more musically sparse and lyrically reflective… The EP is a collection of songs united by a sense of what Winter means to us. In all its beauty, sadness, stillness and its ability to transform and bring things back to life.”

“It’s a very nostalgic and reflective song” Andrew Davie added. “It imagines someone looking back on their own life and walking into their old house, reliving some pivotal moments of their life and re-engaging with who they are as a person and where they’re at now.”

It’s definitely that cosy time of year where you just want to cuddle up with hot chocolate or wander around the wonderfully-lit Christmas markets, so this EP has arrived at just the right time. Its warm and intimate tones are the perfect accompaniment to the festive season. What a lovely treat!

The EP was recorded with longtime friend, collaborator, and producer Ian Grimble. Check out the EP track that really stood out for me, ‘The Star of Bethnal Green’, below.

Bear’s Den will also be performing over a couple of UK dates next year. Check them out below and the band’s website for more info.

Feb 19 – Cambridge – Junction

Feb 20 – Eventim Apollo – London

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