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Hazeydays release energetic single ‘M.U.A Love’

Following on from their great single ‘Lipstick’ last month, Airdrie indie rockers Hazeydays are back with ‘M.U.A Love’ – and they have stepped up their game.

Featuring influences from Blur, the Hazeydays quintet have given the classic Britpop sound a welcomed boost of modern and youthful energy. With this retouching, ‘M.U.A Love’ still possesses that 90’s cheekiness and the driving guitar riffs, all nicely packaged together for the indie music scene of 2019. The distorted elements of the chorus also help to hammer that infectious tone and attitude home.

With three singles already under their belt, they will certainly be a band to watch over the next year. They will also be releasing their debut EP Prop-Pop on the 3rd January 2020. So stay tuned!

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Check out ‘M.U.A Love’ by Hazeydays below!

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