Girl Afraid

Girl Afraid Unleash ‘Dutch Courage’

Hull Indie new comers, Girl Afraid are dropping the goods on the 7th February 2020. Those goods being their new release ‘Dutch Courage’.

Girl Afraid

Courageous indeed, this track delighted me. It opens with a strong guitar hook that strangely reminded me of something from an Offspring album. I could not help get that out of my head but I was taken aback by the energy and drive of this.


Drums are tight and well hit and the bass line jumped at me like a gazelle. The chorus is catchy and it is best to serve it loud. My only slight qualm is that it was a task to listen to the words carefully, although admittedly the diction is a lot clearer in the verse sections. That being said, it does work and this is not a pop release so who cares?

Girl Afraid

A song with youthful elements which talks about fun and games and having dutch courage and energy. A story which matches its vibe perfectly throughout. As a result, I could not help but feel my energy rising whilst listening and it made me want to hit the local indie club.


One thing I did notice is that Yorkshire just keeps on giving. Luckily, I was one of the very first people to hear Arctic Monkeys before they exploded onto the scene and I may just be witnessing that again with Girl Afraid. In fact, vocally this release does resemble early Arctic Monkeys. I am not sure if that was intentional or just due to the Yorkshire tongue. We have had many Yorkshire bands who kind of sound similar in that regard.

Guitar music is not dead folks! You can stream the track on the 7th February.

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