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Thomas Charlie Pedersen unveils new solo LP

Back in September 2018, I introduced my readers to Copenhagen alternative rock band Vinyl Floor. Now, the lead singer and guitarist from that band, Thomas Charlie Pedersen, has released his second solo record Daylight Saving Hours.

Creating the record

Pedersen recorded the album at an apartment in Nørrebro, Copenhagen with his brother (and fellow Vinyl Floor bandmate) Daniel. With his first record Second Hand War (2016) in mind, Daylight Saving Hours sees a contunuation of Pedersen’s acoustic sound, yet his solo sound is defintely more refined now. The additions of the strings and vocal harmonies also really help to lift the record.

In a similar vein to Vinyl Floor’s Apogee, the tracks have retained their demo and intimate feel. “I want to preserve the feel of how they were written” Thomas explained on the LP’s raw makeup. “The project started out as demo recordings, but I’ve decided to release them this way because I want to present them as raw as possible.”

Daylight Saving Hours

In Daylight Saving Hours, the Danish musician examines others, and how they go about life’s experiences, joys and troubles. It also examines the emotions around aging, and how we can all get swept up in the chaos and not know how to handle it. Overall, the juxtapositions of emotions are wonderfully written, acting to grasp onto the light in a seemingly darker and more uncertain world.

Album opener ‘To A First Love’ has some lovely piano melodies and vocal harmonies. Yet, it has a haunting edge. Things then brighten up in ‘The Meriweather Pull’ and its rhythmic country tones, rolling guitars and bouncy feel.

Pedersen’s vocals are a particular highlight in the tracks ‘Blood Moon’, ‘The World is Not Your Oyster’ and ‘Must Be Your World’ – where the emotions explored are especially poignant. Both ‘Green Plateau’ and ‘The World is Not Your Oyster’ are heartfelt and melancholic – a couple of examples were the album’s folk tones really shine. Fustration and feeling overwhelmed are at the forefront in ‘Must be Your World’, where the guitars take centre stage once again. Then, the brief instrumental track ‘The Witty Moniker’ erupts with its strings and punching piano.

In sum, Daylight Saving Hours is a folk and acoustic delight from Thomas Charlie Pedersen.

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